Thursday, July 6, 2023

Hold Onto Your Butts: Mary Jane Has Super Powers

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man Mary Jane as Jackpot 1
Next month’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31 will be a special oversized issue packed with surprises! A host of all-star talent will join Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. to set up their exciting second year on the title with story preludes, glimpses of some of the biggest upcoming Spider-projects, and awesome extra bonus stories including a tale by writer Celeste Bronfman and artist Alba Glez that launches Mary Jane’s exciting new era as JACKPOT!

Mary Jane Watson’s thrilling new “jackpot” powers were recently explored in the pages of Jed MacKay and Vincenzo Carratu’s hit Mary Jane & Black Cat limited series and now, she’s ready to show off her exciting abilities to the Marvel Universe at large as a bona fide superhero! Bronfman and Glez’s touching story will see MJ come to terms with the heartbreaking tragedy that occurred to her family in recent issues before taking to the streets to help others in need! Mary Jane’s journey as JACKPOT will continue in upcoming issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as well as a yet-to-be-announced new limited series!

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man Mary Jane as Jackpot 1

Face it, Tiger, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31 will be one for the books! Check out Humberto Ramos’ costume design below and pick up the issue when it hits stands on August 9!

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