Wednesday, July 19, 2023

SDCC 2023: Toynk Exclusives, Debuts, and Much More

SDCC 2023 Toynk Exclusives

Toynk has once again curated an extraordinary collection of exclusive items that will leave fans of pop culture buzzing with anticipation. From rare limited-edition pins to one-of-a-kind treasures, our list of Toynk Exclusives promises to ignite the imaginations of Comic Con attendees. It’s the one event in the year you can freely geek out over everything superhero and sci-fi! Here are all the cool things you can check out at our featured booths. 

American Dad Wholesomeness Pin
Archer I Don't Always Drink Graphic Tee
Bee and PuppyCat 10 Inch Character Plush 
| Temp-Bot
Bee and PuppyCat 16 Inch Character Plush | PuppyCat
Bee and PuppyCat 8.5 Inch Character Plush | Wallace
Bee and PuppyCat Laser Mouth 16" Plush
Bob's Burgers Ocean Avenue Graphic Tee
Bob's Burgers Wonder Wharf Graphic Tee
Dragon's Lair - Dirk "Game Over" & Daphne in Bubble Pins 2 Pack
Family Guy Daddy Loves TV Tee
Family Guy The Drunken Clam Graphic Tee
Futurama - Bender Plush
Futurama - Nibbler
Futurama - Zoidberg Plush
Futurama All Glory Graphic Tee
Geeki Tiki Aloha Pee-Wee 12oz Ceramic Mug
Geeki Tiki Big Head Pee-Wee 22oz Ceramic Mug
Geeki Tiki Playhouse Tiki Totem 22oz Ceramic Mug
Geeki Tiki The Great Garloo 14oz Ceramic Mug
Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Jumbo
Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Rudy
Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Shorty
Indiana Jones 5 Hat And Lasso Enamel Pin
Killer Klowns JoJo Ice Cream Truck Pin
Killer Klowns 14 Inch Character Plush | Fatso
Killer Klowns 20 Inch Plush Blue Baseball Bat
Killer Klowns 30 Inch Plush Orange Baseball Bat
King of the Hill Suburban Cowboy Graphic Tee
MochiOshis 10 Inch Character Plush | Eggplant
MochiOshis 8.5 Inch Character Plush | Avocado
MochiOshis 9.5 Inch Character Plush | Boba Tea
MochiOshis 9.5 Inch Character Plush | Burrito
Naruto Nine Tails Glow In The Dark Enamel Pin
Pumpkinhead Hell on Earth Pin
Solar Opposites Graphic Tee
Solar Opposites People Are Stupid Pin
The Flash 24kt Gold Slide Open Ring
WB 100 Looney Tunes And Harry Potter Mashup Six Pin Set | Soft Enamel
WB 100 Looney Tunes Mystery Machine Pin
Wednesday Split Window Small Enamel Pin

American Dad Vintage Logo Grey



Toynk can be found at booths #815 and #3849 at the SDCC. Come visit us to find Toynk-exclusive merch of your favorite fandoms! 

If meeting a pink kitty cat with tentacles sounds interesting to you, check out Tentacle Kitty at booth #1501. She has plenty of cool stories about living on Earth and might tell you interesting stuff about the planet she came from. 

Step into the colorful world of Sanrio at booth #1235 at San Diego Comic Con! Prepare to be delighted by an enchanting array of home goods that will add a touch of whimsy to your everyday life. From adorable ramen bowl sets that make mealtime a kawaii affair to charming drinkware and cozy fleece blankets, this booth is a treasure trove for Sanrio fans seeking to infuse their homes with cuteness. Don't miss the chance to bring home a sprinkle of joy and surround yourself with the beloved characters you grew up with.

Syndicate Collectibles carry high-end statues and figures that are so life-like and intricate it can be hard to tell that they’re not the real thing!Their statues are every collector’s envy. Check them out at booth #4245.

Hulu is home to many of your favorite anime and superhero movies. Watch out for them at booth #4229. 

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