Saturday, November 11, 2023

Mondo's New Stranger Things and Squid Game Posters

MONDO Hans Woody Stranger Things Art Print
Mondo recently shared details about the availability of their latest posters from two popular series - Stranger Things and Squid Game! As part of the celebration of STRANGER THINGS Day, Mondo has released their new screenprint poster by Hans Woody featuring popular characters, including Eleven and Vecna, which fans of the show can now purchase! In addition, fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game can now claim the highly anticipated poster by Seoul-based illustrator and artist Jiwoon Pak, which features the iconic animatronic doll Young-hee and is available in English and Korean variants.

Stranger Things Poster

7-color screenprint on French Construction Pure White

"The inspiration for the majority of my work is the classic sci-fi/fantasy/horror book covers from early sixties to eighties. I’m really into the old-fashioned style, the composition and the use of color contrast of the art from those eras as you can see it in my work and especially in this poster. As a Stranger Things fan I loved the mix between mystery/horror genre and coming of age story that is set in eighties, that combination makes this series so fascinating for me so I try to capture that mood and illustrate it through my style, hope you’re happy with how it turned out! I'm so grateful to be a part of this project for this year's celebration of one of the best series of all time." - Hans Woody, Artist

Expected to ship in March 2024.

MONDO Jiwoon Pak Squid Game Art Print

Squid Game Poster

10-color screenprint on French Construction Pure White

"I was fascinated by the colorful and childlike mise-en-scène of Squid Game conflicting with its brutal and dark storyline. In particular, I was attracted to the Red Light Green Light Girl as she looked like an innocent child, but felt like a ruthless ruler of the game, or a spectator watching the scene of a murder, without sympathy. Focusing on this girl statue with cozy and hazy color, I wanted to capture some discomfort and anxiety caused by ambivalent motifs of Squid Game, such as life and death, equality and inequality, hope and despair." - Jiwoon Pak, Artist

Expected to ship in March 2024

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