Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Toy Fair 2023: Trick or Treat Studios Action Figure Lineup

Trick or Treat Studios GWAR Action Figures

Trick or Treat Studios...They ain't just making amazing masks anymore! Taking on action figures in a range of sizes, Trick or Treat is proving great artists can do ANYTHING. I mean, sculpting is sculpting, right? This year's Toy Fair 2023 showing included...

Return of the Living Dead's TAR MAN (my favorite zombie of all time, natch) in a Uneeds Supplies 12 inch scaled figure set that includes his barrel, two face plates for the top, the halved-puppy, an extra head, and a BRAAAAAAAIN for munching.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Dinner scene with Grandpa and Sally. Other dinner guests (like The Hitchhiker, The Cook, and our boy Bubba) coming soon!

The Crow (Comic Look) Action Figure

True Romance (!!!) Action Figures including Drexel (with a quart of Chinese food, his food tray and a shotgun), Alabama (with a case full of suspect substances), Clarence (with Alabama's suitcase..or is it...and a hand gun), and THE MENTOR (the coolest imaginary friend a boy like Clarence could ever have, ready to rizz him up when needed).

Day of the Dead Action Figures including Bub (with earphones, a bucket of snacks, a handgun, and a razor so he'll look his best), Captain Henry (with dual handguns), Dr. Tongue, and Sarah.

Scared to Death Action Figures (???!!!) including the Syngenor Creature, and 2 others I can't possibly figure out.

Toxic Crusaders Action Figures including Toxie, Dr. Killemoff, Yvonne, and Mayor Grodee in all their retro goodness.

GWAR Action Figures!!

Killer Klowns from Outerspace Action Figures!!

Coverage by Jonathan Kolton & Meghan Lee

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