Sunday, November 19, 2023

Toy Fair 2023: Moose Toys on Beast Lab, Trolls, Bluey, Magic Mixies & More

Moose Toys Beast Lab

Moose Toys brings a jolt of innovation to every retail success, making them a must-see booth at Toy Fair 2023! Their Treasure X line proved to be not only wildly addictive in it's ever-evolving interactive play modes, but highly collectible as kids and adults alike scrambled to snap up mini monsters by the dozen. This year's highly imaginative, fully hands-on lineup includes...

Beast Lab: DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE THE WORLD? The world is in danger and the only way to PROTECT it is with BEASTS! Conduct an experiment using the Beast Creator to create one of TWO BEASTS! Which creature will be unleashed from the Beast Lab? Will it be the savage sharks HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or MAYHEM MEGASHARK? The Glow in the Dark Reptiles CHAOS COBRA or CARNAGE CROC? Destructive Dinos TERROR T-REX or RAGING RAPTOR?? As each step of the experiment proceeds, the intensity increases. Pull down on the EMERGENCY LEVER to drain the liquid and REVEAL your BEAST INSIDE! Your young scientist will be amazed as a Shark Beast appears surrounded by a cloud of real "Bio Mist"! Now it's time for WILD BATTLE ACTION! The Shark Beasts can activate a swinging Power Strike Attack using their Pandemonium Weapon and scare away enemies with their Ferocious "Battle Roar" and light-up Power Crystal Core! But the mission is not over! Reset the Beast Creator and repeat the experiment again and again! 

Doo Doo Kangaroo (it's exactly what you think): Doo Doo Kangaroo is a game of silly fun and action where kids feed the kooky kangaroo donuts until he does doo-doos! Then it becomes a game of fast skill and observation as they quickly try to grab the donuts but dodge the doo-doo! This fun party game is sure to make kids giggle as soon as they see Doo Doo Kangaroo sitting on his toilet waiting to be fed! Players take turns by spinning the spinner to see how many donuts to feed the kangaroo. When Doo Doo Kangaroo is full... Watch out, he's gotta go! He'll start to shake and shimmy all around the table causing donuts or doo-doos to fall out of his toilet! Race to pick up the donuts and place them on your plate but don't pick up the doo-doo! The first player with 5 donuts on their plate wins! This battery operated game is ideal for 2 to 4 players for children aged 3 and up.

Cookeez Makery: A sweet-scented warm plush that’s a recipe for fun. With an oven playset, kids mix and make dough to create a furry new friend. After popping their dough creation in the oven, the plush version comes out warm to the touch and scented like bread or cinnamon. There’s a puppy, bunny and kitten to collect and they all make sweet sounds when they’re squeezed and hugged.

Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Playset: Bring home the fun of the hit TV show Bluey with the Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Playset! This playset stands over 22" tall and comes with exclusive figures - Hammerbarn Bluey and Shopping Bingo. Your child will have the best shopping adventure ever as they push the shopping trolley around the Hammerbarn. There is even a garden gnome figure for the girls to buy! Your little ones will love exploring the 9 different play areas loaded with fun features in this enormous playset. There is a real working lift to place Bluey and Bingo in so they can ride up and down to the 4 different levels. Plus there is the best Shopping Trolley Return ever. Your kids will love watching the trolley spin around as it returns to the ground floor! With plenty of lights and 45+ sound effects, this playset brings the action to life! Your kids will love pressing the Paw Button to activate the lights and hear different phrases from the TV show. There is a whopping 15 play pieces included in the set and heaps of stickers to decorate the Hammerbarn with. The Hammerbarn Shopping Playset is the perfect addition to any child's Bluey toy collection. With Bluey's Hammerbarn Shopping Playset, shopping has never been so much fun!

Little Live Pets – My Puppy’s Home: Now your child can make a home that is truly magical! Little Live Pets - My Puppy's Home allows kids to build a house that when complete delivers the cutest surprise in the form of an adorable pet puppy!

My Puppy's Home comes as a flat pack with all the tools and parts your child needs to construct a cute little doghouse. After the walls and roof are put together, it's time to lay out the welcome mat and fill their puppy's water bowl. Kids will be amazed when they see cute little paw prints magically appear on the mat! Wow! It looks like someone has just arrived! There's just a couple more things to do - name your puppy and attach their name plate to the kennel.

Now it's time for the real surprise to happen. What's that sound coming from inside? Open the door! Wow! A cute pet puppy has appeared from nowhere for your child to adore! Which pup will they get? Will they be brown or blonde? This sweet little dog is so playful and interactive with more than 25 sounds and reactions. They even come with a toy bone for them to chew and play with! The electronic puppy reacts to your child's touch just like a real pet. My Puppy's Home even comes with an adoption certificate that can be filled in. Children can repeat the magical arrival again and again.

Part construction toy, part surprise unboxing, part cuddly interactive plush, kids will love My Puppy's Home as they prepare the perfect home for a puppy to call their own.

Trolls Mineez: Meet Trolls Mineez! All your child's favorite characters from DreamWorks Trolls Band Together are now Mineez! Cute mini collectible toy figures that capture all the charm, color and fun of these lovable characters! Collect over 100 different Trolls figurines with awesome looks, finishes and even some with real hair, including rare, ultra rare and limited editions! Children will want to seek, find and collect them all! Trolls Mineez will win the hearts of Trolls fans - new and old as they sing, dance and be happy (just like Trolls do) with Poppy, Branch and all their friends!

Magic Mixies: With the Magic Mixies Magic Lamp, kids undertake a series of steps to discover a magical ring and complete a spell to set the final Mixie reveal in motion. Real mist billows out as lights and sounds emit from the Lamp and the Genie Mixie rises from within. Tapping the interactive Mixie with the magic ring and making a wish prompts the Mixie to repeat the wish before replying if it will be granted.

Kids can also create their very own Pixling doll inside a potion bottle by adding water, colourful elixirs and “magical” ingredients before saying “Magicus Mixus.” A turn and a push down of the bottle’s crystal gem stopper turns the potion transparent to reveal  – like magic – a fully dry and completely posable six-inch doll; either Marena the Mermaid, Deerlee the Deer or Unia the Unicorn.

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