Saturday, November 11, 2023

MST3K Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon

This Thanksgiving, fans of cheesy movies can rejoice with the return of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon! Continuing a three and a half decades’-long movie-riffing tradition, this year features extra helpings of cinematic turkey, spilling some of its gravy into Black Friday and beyond for the first-ever Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon!

Premiering on Thanksgiving Day like the series itself did in 1988, The Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon will showcase a whopping 24 classic MST3K episodes over the course of two days. The event begins at 9 am ET on Thursday, November 23rd and concludes Saturday, November 25th at 9 am ET in tandem with the conclusion of the MST3K Season 14 crowdfunding campaign. Will MST3K raise $4.8 million to produce a new season of episodes? You decide, by visiting It’s going to be bonkers in more ways than one!

This year’s marathon lineup was selected by the series’ writers, who were asked to choose their absolute favorite classic episodes, the ones that set them on the path of writing for the world’s only Peabody Award-winning moving-riffing TV series featuring plastic robots. The carefully curated collection of episodes that will be screened during the event include classic episodes such as Viking Women and the Sea Serpent, “Surgically Enhanced” classic episodes including The Pumaman that have had their visual components upgraded to 1080p from the original 480p, episodes from the show’s latest season including The Bubble, and three hilarious holiday episodes, including the Season 13 fan favorite The Christmas Dragon.

The marathon will be available to watch on a wide variety of platforms. For a complete list, please visit Don’t forget to set your timers for both The Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon and your turkey.

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