Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Toy Fair 2023: Super 7 Tug At Your Halloween Heart Strings

Super 7 Halloween Kids ReAction Figures
I often feel like Super 7 and Funko are in an epic, nonstop battle to see who can take on the most licenses in a year and show them off at Toy Fair 2023. LET THEM FIGHT!! This year, Super 7 Founder Brian Flynn showed us the latest with offerings from...

Universal Monsters including a Glow in the Dark Ultimates Metaluna Mutant Action Figure, Creature from the Black Lagoon Full Color Super Cyborg, and SOAKIES (in Black and White, Halloween Orange, and Standard Color ways featuring The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, The Bride, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman and the Metaluna Mutant!!)

Halloween Kids ReAction Figures (little kid figures with Halloween masks) with the Metaluna Mutant, Super 7's Mascot Mummy Boy, The Worst Captain Deadstar, The Misfits Fiend, and The Worst Batula. Each comes with a tiny treat bag or bucket you're gonna lose your mind over.  

Music Icons ReAction Figures including Wutang's Ghostface Killah (Iron Man), Biz Markie, DMX, The Notorious BIG, a new Bootsy Collins, Kwame, Blondie, Johnny Ramone, Joe Strummer, My Chemical Romance (the whole damn band from Danger Days!), RZA Bobby Digital 25th Anniversary (with a figure stand that doubles as a 45 adapter... someone explain that to the kids...), and a Beastie Boys Sabotage Boxed Set.

NEW Gremlins ReAction Figures with Gizmo and Stripe.

Return of the Living Dead's Tarman and Trash ReAction Figures.

Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally figures, a giant Donkey Pinocchio vinyl figure, and Ultimates Action Figures for Stitch, The Big Bad Wolf, and Ben Gator from Fantasia.

Dungeons and Dragons ReAction figures Series 2 with the Sacred Statue and Formidable Fighter.

CONAN Action Figures with King Conan, Battle of the Mounds Conan, Valeria, and Subotai.

and a MASSIVE G.I.Joe Cobra Mothership!!

Coverage by Jonathan Kolton & Meghan Lee

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