Friday, November 17, 2023

Toy Fair 2023: WowWee's Dog-E The One In A Million Robot Dog & More

Toy Fair 2023 WowWee Dog-E
For all the single, grown folks in the audience who have no immediate plans of cleaning up after an adorable animal, no matter how adorable it may be...THIS TOY IS FOR YOU!!

As soon as you uncrate this pup, the minting process begins, revealing a unique combination of colorful lights, sounds and personality traits. Dog-E moves and sounds like a real dog with a cute forward run, wagging tail and over 200 sounds and reactions.

There’s so much to discover with Dog-E, including over 200 interactions and 6 games to play. Dog-E moves and sounds like a real dog. Pet its head, feed it, and see it run. Connect Dog-E to its magnetic bone toy, and Dog-E really plays tug of war or goes for a walk. Dog-E even poops! Care for your pup to keep it happy. Dog-E talks with its tail using innovative persistence of vision (POV) technology to show emotes, icons and messages that tell you when it wants food, love, games and more.


Track Dog-E’s needs, feed Dog-E and even throw it a treat with the included app! Train your Dog-E to learn your name, do tricks, and more. Save multiple profiles, so the whole family can have a Dog-E unique to them.

Jonathan Kolton & Meghan Lee's coverage rounds out with WowWee's world-famous FINGERLINGS, showing off the newest features and sounds from your favorite philangee-hugging critters.

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