Saturday, November 18, 2023

Toy Fair 2023: Premium DNA Resurrecting Retro Toy lines

Toy Fair 2023 Premium DNA Earthworm Jim
A sure way to get a toy collector's attention as a new company on the block is to gobble up a handful of licenses from the awesome 80's and 90's and breathe new life into them. What was once a jumble of badly decomposing, discolored plastic with popping rubber o rings and exploding crotches becomes a newly sculpted thing of beauty, utilizing the original artwork to spark heart bubbles across the toy message boards. Premium DNA started their journey of retro resurrection with some killer vinyl Madballs figures and has followed up with a Toy Fair 2023 showing that has people signing over their paychecks. 

This year's flashback-inducing lineup included:

 a Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids Mash-Up-Balls including:

  • Dust Brain
  • Lock Lips
  • Slobulus
  • New Wave Dave
  • Acne Amy
  • Drew Blood

 Barnyard Commandoes Action Figures including:

  •           Sergeant Wooly Pull Over figure with Back pack, Gatling gun, Compound bow, 3 Arrows, Milk can quiver, Bandolier with removable egg grenades, and 2 Sets of interchangeable hooves for gripping accessories
  •            Major Legger Mutton figure with Poseable Back pack missile launcher system, Missile, Whole watermelon, and a Damaged watermelon
  •           Corporal Hy Ondahog figure with Rocket launcher, Removable missiles, Satellite readouts, Tire, Rusty axel to make rocket launcher free standing, and Bayonet kabob
  •           Private Side O’Bacon figure with Back pack flame thrower, Detachable flame effect, Safety goggles, and Hay bales

 Mars Attacks Action Figures including:

  •             a Martian Soldier
  •             an Earth Soldier

Earth Worm Jim Action Figures including:

  •           Earthworm Jim and Snot
  •           Jim's Worm Body and Heads Pack
  •           Psy-Crow
  •           Bob the Killer Goldfish and #4
  •           Professor Monkey-For-A-Head

Clayfighters Action Figures with Bad Mr. Frosty

Vids from Jonathan Kolton & Meghan Lee

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