Friday, July 5, 2024

MisterWives Revel In "Organized Chaos"

MisterWives Organized Chaos Live Performance on Vevo
New York City/Los Angeles-based alt-pop group MisterWives share the official VEVO performance of booming single "Organized Chaos" out now, premiering via PAPER Magazine. PAPER dives into the video itself and the "art of bringing repressed feelings to the surface." Later this summer, the band will release the deluxe version of their 2023 album Nosebleeds, Nosebleeds: Encore complete with reworked tracks and new surprises.

This Fall, MisterWives will embark on the MisterWives: Just For One Night! tour with support from Joan, Juliana Madrid, Moody Joody and Meg Smith beginning with the band taking the Austin City Limits stage on October 6 and October 13. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

The band is thrilled to partner with VEVO and play the song the way it's meant to be played, bringing it to life in an all new way live. Lead singer Mandy Lee says to PAPER, "Having the opportunity to do a live VEVO performance is something we’ve always wanted to do! This song was meant to be played live and the incredible team at VEVO perfectly captured the live energy we want you to experience the song in."

The self-aware, booming track "Organized Chaos" picks up where Nosebleeds left off–launching right back into erratic patterns and cycles that have become comfortable. This time, though, Lee has recognized these habits and this is the final straw. Lee shares that the track allows her to regain control over her feelings and says to PAPER, "'Organized Chaos' was the reckoning of unhealthy patterns that are comfortable, not because it’s what’s right but because it’s so familiar. This song meets you in the middle of untangling the knowledge you have to break out of a dysfunctional loop while still being stuck in it because there’s just enough order to get by. Alchemizing those feelings into a track that is punchy and fearless both sonically and lyrically gives a lot of autonomy over putting those feelings into action."

The track, as well as the forthcoming new, reworked tracks, builds on the lush, potent sonic world the band has established and encourages self-love and autonomy–void of shame, guilt and fear. Lee adds, "'Organized Chaos' is an intentional follow-up, the antidote to our record Nosebleeds, which dug deep and let repressed feelings surface. This project continues to expand that ethos of fully embracing all parts of yourself without shame or fear of being palatable. We hope that’s the takeaway for anyone who listens, the permission to not need permission!"

The upcoming tour will kick off with an appearance at Austin City Limits in October, and make its way through Texas, California and up the West Coast to Portland and Seattle. The group will stop in Denver before making their way to the Midwest and later, through the East Coast, stopping in Brooklyn for Halloween and ending in St. Petersburg, FL in November. 

Misterwives Tour Dates 2024

Nosebleeds, the fervent fourth studio album by MisterWives arrived in July 2023 and propelled the group into new territory and has garnered over 20M streams across all platforms. The album garnered widespread support from several leading publications, including the first single, "Out Of Your Mind," premiered by PAPER Magazine, the title track premiered by Rolling Stone and support from Variety who wrote, "MisterWives are entering a new era in their nearly decade-long career."

Don't miss "Organized Chaos" (Live Performance) with VEVO out now. Out this summer, Nosebleeds: Encore, is the re-imagining of Nosebleeds coming soon.

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