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Ok Cowgirl and "Larry David" are Furious and Exhausted

Ok Cowgirl - Larry David still 1
Brooklyn's Ok Cowgirl will release their debut LP Couldn't Save Us From My Gut on August 16 and today shares "Larry David", a furious exhaust vent on a record filled with pent-up ambivalence. The track's "everything is fucked" gang vocal and perfect stomping tempo provide an easy alignment with the listener's sense of tension and release.

"We often begin rehearsal by sitting around and catching up as friends," says lead singer and songwriter Leah Lavigne of the track. "One evening when everyone had a particularly hard day our conversation ended with someone declaring 'everything is fucked'. I suggested that instead of jumping into running our set we blow off some steam by jamming. Jake started playing some chords, Matt locked in with a beat, and I jokingly screamed 'everything is fucked', improvising the first verse until we broke down in laughter. We all agreed we had to write this song then and there."

"Larry David" follows the tranquil "Forever" and the electrifying "Little Splinters" and the band will celebrate the track release by headlining Everything Is Fucked Fest this Sunday, July 14 at Purgatory from 2pm-6pm. There will be comedy, local vendors, and live music from Mary Hood, Wetsuit, and Ok Cowgirl. All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit ANERA Gaza Relief.

Couldn’t Save Us From My Gut unleashes the band’s dynamism in unexpected directions. The album was recorded and produced by Alex Farrar (MJ Lenderman, Indigo De Souza, Wednesday), and from fuzz-drenched power chords and soaring hooks to dreamy synths and intimate restraint, it tells stories of heartbreak, and personal growth, existential dread, and love.

Ok Cowgirl’s confidence is apparent in how Lavigne and her bandmates consistently bend each arrangement to serve the conversations at their center. “The holiest thing is a feeling,” says Lavigne, and the sanctity of the band’s approach is clear – each song takes the shape of a prism for her commune with herself.

Under Farrar’s guidance, Ok Cowgirl allowed themselves to stretch out across the vast territory afforded them as a collaborative unit, winning miles of new ground along the way: reverb is transformed from a crutch into a tool, and the aims of being simply beautiful are exchanged for harnessing the raw potency generated after a long tenure honing themselves as a live act.

“Sometimes I feel like I write the songs before I’m ready for them, almost,” she tells me. This reads as a good sign – Lavigne started Ok Cowgirl to make room for a stifled intuition, a sense of direction she often strayed from out of fear. Now that intuition is getting out ahead of her, leading her into worlds unknown. In cowgirl keeping, one could almost say she’s riding it into the sunset.

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