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TOKYOPOP Details New Manga Titles for Summer


Publisher TOKYOPOP previews a wide array of new manga titles set for release throughout the Third Quarter. These include a host of new BL romance manga and light novels set for release under the LoveLove imprint as well as a notable new titles to be added to TOKYOPOP’s Comics That Matter collection. 

Things kick off in July with the manga and light novel series debuts for MY BEAUTIFUL MAN, followed by additional LoveLove manga imprint series launches for TOO CLOSE TO FALL IN LOVE, JEALOUSY BINDS LOVE, and WAILS OF THE BOUND. August sees the debut of the manga series, WORLD’S END BLUE BIRD. September opens with the debut of the light novel, DINNER FOR THREE, as well as the manga debuts of the one-shot title, THE TROUBLESOME GUEST OF SOTOMURA DETECTIVE AGENCY and a pair of new series including BOYS GILDING THE LILY SHALL DIE!? and SANCTIFY as well as the award-winning single volume release of A SMART AND COURAGEOUS CHILD under the Comics That Matter collection.

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Description automatically generatedMY BEAUTIFUL MAN (MANGA), VOL. 1, story by Yuu Nagira, art by Megumi Kitano · SRP: $13.99 · 176 Pages · For Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781427877550 · Available July 16th  

Hira has always dreaded the first day of new classes. Ever since he was little, he's had a stutter that only worsens when he's anxious, causing Hira to always sink to the bottom of the social pyramid. This year of his high school career might not have been any different if it weren't for him: Kiyoi, the most beautiful and kingly man Hira has ever seen. Normally, their lives would never intersect, but Hira suddenly gets a chance to grow closer with Kiyoi when he's made the popular group's gofer and gets Kiyoi's phone number! Hira treasures every order Kiyoi gives him and every bit of change he's handed to run errands... Is this what they call love?



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Description automatically generatedMY BEAUTIFUL MAN (LIGHT NOVEL), VOL. 1, story by Yuu Nagira, art by Rikako Kasai · SRP: $19.99 · 320 Pages · For Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781427875464 · Available July 16th  

Kazunari Hira is not what you'd call popular. In fact, he's basically on the lowest rung of the social ladder, due largely to his stutter that tends to flare up when he's anxious. And then there's him: Sou Kiyoi, leader of the pack and the most beautiful man Hira has ever seen. When Hira is made the popular group's gofer, he realizes that he doesn't mind his lowly position so much when the orders are coming from Kiyoi's lips. In fact, Hira treasures every order Kiyoi gives him and every bit of change he's handed to run errands. Could he actually be... in love?


In Japan, MY BEAUTIFUL MAN was adapted into a popular live action TV series that ran for 2 Seasons and starred Riku Hagiwara as Kazunari Hira and Fantastics from Exile Tribe pop idol member Yusei Yagi in the role of Sou Kiyoi. It was widely acclaimed with Hagiwara and Yagi winning the My Best TV Prize Grand Prix Award at the 59th and 60th Galaxy Awards for their performances in both seasons. The conclusion of the series was released as a live action feature film in 2023.



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Description automatically generatedTOO CLOSE TO FALL IN LOVE, story and art by Akira Nakata ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 192 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427877246 ∙ For Mature  Readers Ages 18+ ∙ Available July 23rd 

The ultimate “stepbrother” I can’t escape from.


My father remarried and now I have a younger brother. He is fearless and handsome. To be honest, I’m in trouble because he’s really my type. I tried to keep my distance so I wouldn’t fall for him even more, but Motoya kept coming on to me and asking if I liked him, so I lost control and we became a bit too intimate... 


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Description automatically generatedJEALOUSY BINDS LOVE, story and art by Eiji Nagisa ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 202 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427879110 ∙ For Mature Readers Ages 18+ ∙ Available July 23rd 

Once a child prodigy pianist, Shion Kirino is now a burnt-out, bitter shell of himself, lost in grief over his mother's passing and his own dying passion toward the musical career that had defined his connection to her. When he's approached by Kei Takase — a talented younger colleague who professes his admiration for Kirino — he ends up inviting him home for sex, intending on toying with his feelings.


When Takase isn't deterred by Kirino's abrasive exterior, Kirino finds that he cannot deny Takase's unwavering devotion... But practicing piano together and celebrating Takase's successes also stirs up Kirino's own insecurities and distorted sense of jealousy. After a lifetime of loneliness, can he find salvation in Takase without dragging him down?


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Description automatically generatedWAILS OF THE BOUND, story and art by Keri Kusabi ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 208 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427877260 ∙ For Mature Readers Ages 18+ ∙ Available July 23rd 

Alpha Keisuke Takaba has just transferred to a new office, hoping for a peaceful work environment filled with fellow Alphas. His illusions are quickly shattered when he meets his new manager, Miyabi Karasuma—a brash Omega who is willing to use his body to get whatever he wants. Keisuke can't stand Omegas, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't avoid Miyabi and is even forced to follow along as Miyabi performs "favors" for business associates. The more he sees of Miyabi's life, the more he feels pity for the Omega... but maybe "pity" isn't the only thing he's feeling?

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Description automatically generatedWORLD’S END BLUE BIRD, VOL. 1, story and art by Anji Seina · SRP: $16.99 · 224 Pages · For Mature Readers 18+ · ISBN: 9781427878182 · Available August 27th 

After a meteor hits Earth, Tokyo is saved by a powerful sorcerer. Years later, the city ends up slit between the haves and have-nots – with the sorcerer’s descendants ruling over everyone.

Ray, a handyman from the slums, will take any job for the right price. One day, he meets Guang, an extraordinarily handsome, secretive, and arrogant man from upper society. After spending a night together, Ray finds himself protecting Guang, which may cause him more trouble than the money is worth.



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Description automatically generatedTHE TROUBLESOME GUEST OF SOTOMURA DETECTIVE AGENCY, story and art by Sakae Kusama ∙ Print SRP: $15.99 ∙ 264 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427878175 ∙ For Mature Readers 18+ ∙ Available September 17th    

Matsuda Kei is a private investigator who specializes in quirky cases centered around his local neighborhood around the shopping arcade. He’s recently taken on a new roommate (and lover) named Kamiko who is unemployed, ruthlessly horny, and was Matsuda’s former classmate.


While the pair work to solve cases, they carry on in what starts as a purely physical relationship, until Matsuda discovers that this temporary situation that he entered with Kamiko may be turning into something more.



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Description automatically generatedA SMART AND COURAGEOUS CHILD, by Miki Yamamoto ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 224 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427877192 ∙ For Mature Audiences ∙ Available September 24th    

Winner of the 24th Manga Division Excellence Award at the 2020 Japan Media Arts Festival

Every young couple has high hopes for their unborn child, and Sara and Kouta Takano are no different. But only days away from giving birth, Sara learns about the tragedy of Malala Yousafzai's attempted assassination at the hands of the Taliban, and her pure and innocent belief in the future is shaken. If such a smart and courageous child can be hurt so badly by the world, how can she keep her own baby safe? With Sara now in a state of shock, will the young couple be able to bridge the widening gap between them, or will it tear their family apart?

The reality of this world, as seen through the eyes of an author that has spent years illustrating the women and their lives.



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Description automatically generatedDINNER FOR THREE LIGHT NOVEL, VOL. 1, story by Hizaki Isamu, art by Yukimura Kanae · SRP: $16.99 · 256 Pages · For Readers 13+ · ISBN: 9781427877536 · Available September 24th 

Struggling to raise his young brother on his own, Shizuku has been working as a male companion in order to make ends meet. One day, he mistakenly thinks that his little brother has been kidnapped and attacks his neighbor, Tsujido. Seeing that the brothers need help, Tsujido starts to cook warm meals and care for them. For the first time, Shizuku got a taste of what it's like to be taken care of in a family...



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Description automatically generatedBOYS GILDING THE LILY SHALL DIE!?, story and art by Yomogimochi ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 216 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427879233 ∙ For Readers 13+ ∙ Available September 24th    

Chihaya Katagiri has always been the first trumpet in her school’s brass band – until Hibiki Aikawa transfers from a prestigious school and takes the spot. Despite initial suspicions, the two quickly become close. Katagiri admires Aikawa’s talent and enthusiasm for playing the trumpet and Aikawa is struck by Katagiri’s grounded treatment of her abilities as well as her love for music.


As their feelings for each other grow stronger, their lives become more complicated with the stress of classes, other relationships. And the last competition of their high school careers drawing near.



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Description automatically generatedSANCTIFY, story and art by GODSSTATION ∙ Print SRP: $19.99 ∙ 240 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427877284 ∙ For Mature Readers 18+ ∙ Available September 24th    

In this world, there is good and evil… and one cannot exist without the other.


Thirty-three-year-old Lance Hunter has no memory of his past lives, but the scars of his former selves remain etched in his skin. As the only remaining Exorcist in London, Lance is hired to investigate a series of gruesome murders connected to a sinister cult: The Fallen, known for their unholy history of ritual human sacrifices.



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