Friday, February 10, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Avengers Movie Aliens...Revealed??


Toy Fair is a tricky beast. You look at hundreds of toys every day, and as you struggle to get them in focus and not blast them into the white zone with your flash, you barely have the opportunity to enjoy them. It is an enormous effort to do this, remember to ask questions WHILE you are doing this, and make sure you didn't forget or miss anything. That said, it should come as no surprise that I conducted 4 interviews, walked the 10 blocks to the on the NJ transit train back to NJ and was 75% of the way home before I made a realization.

I shot an Avengers Movie Board Game....and I shot the aliens that were in it.

After 20 minutes of maniacal laughter I got home, whipped out the CF card and sure enough, there were my new best lil purple friends...and they sure do look like Skrulls. Hell, even the symbol on the dice looks like one. All I can say is THANK GOD I didn't look at the odd little plastic bits from across the room and's junk.

Now my JAKKS rep who had been giving me the tour said the game was something they were just testing, like many other things on the floor that day. They display these things for buyers to gauge an interest. If it's a thumbs up, it gets made. She expressed to me this was not likely getting the thumbs up.

SO...are the aliens in The Avengers Movie SKRULLS after all? You tell me! Why make a board game based on the movie and just randomly throw Skrulls in there? Does this mean they are absolutely in the movie? Of course not..but this is pretty convincing. I do think there are also Frost Giants in the film, as the evidence from the Super Bowl spot is undeniable, so why no Frost Giants in the game as well? Little angry blue people! The mystery continues....

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