Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revoltech Iron Man Is Born

For the newbs in the audience, Revoltech action figures are made by Japanese company Kaiyodo featuring a revolving click-joint system allowing for maximum posability in a figure somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 inches tall. Most come packed with extra hands, weapons and a stand to make this the coolest little sucker on your desk at work. Add to that licenses like Transformers, Aliens, Predator, Batman, Trigun, popular Manga titles and hot Anime girls and you can't go wrong. Now it seem Kaiyodo have snapped up a Marvel Movie license and are showing off their first piece - Iron Man Mark 6!! He'll come packed with 2 sets of hands, hand blasts, a flight stand with blast effect and a nameplate. No word yet if this is the start of a Revoltech Marvel Movie onslaught, much like we've been getting from Hot Toys, but the second there is more info, we'll be sure to report on it! To buy Revoltech figures, check in with your local comic shop...otherwise they are easily googlable online. Amazon even has their own exclusive line of mix and match figures!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow is Stupid

Part of me is like a little kid and wants to dive head first into it, worrying about how I will climb out only when my dumb lil kid head has figured out I'm now trapped. The other part of me is an old man who knows full well his landlord has not made paths in the snow to walk at least close to his car so that is added to the job of digging out the car if I actually want to go anywhere. This is the crotchety old "GET OFF MY LAWN" guy I know is inside me, and he hisses at you like Gollum. When it comes down to it, snow is stupid. It's heavy and wet and cold and tastes bad seconds after it lands. It can't fuel cars, perform open heart surgery or even sit in your lap to give you comfort. Snow didn't make even one good movie this year. In a lot of ways, snow is like a really annoying, morbidly obese child. It stares at you from another room, taking up as much space as it can, leaving wet spots as it goes. You try not to make eye contact, because you know you have to move it if you want to do anything good that day.

Snow is stupid. The end.

Venture Brothers Back for Season 5

You know what this means, don't you? We have like...another year and a half to harass Bif Bang Pow for 6 inch super posable mother fucking Venture Brothers action figures!! Let the torment begin! Tonight, Jackson Publick made it official VIA his Live Journal that the wacky residents of Ventureville will be returning for more hijinks, shenanigans and dirty dirty talk.

Here's the direct quote:

"One last Christmas gift: I promised "news" the last time I was here. And though I'm not at liberty to disclose the full details just yet, I am happy to at least be able to tell you that we were not lying in the end credits of our season finale: The Venture Bros. will indeed return. More on that later... Happy Holidays!"

It really IS a Merry Christmas. Ahhhh. I can sleep now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Indie Spotlight..Crawling..Slowly...To...America....

Yes, the last time I gave an update on Mucus Tick it was YAAAAY They are almost HEEERE!! Now I'm like wooo...its fucking done...somewhere...but they ain't here yet so sit tight and when I have them, YOU will fucking know! Not that I have animosity toward those asking, i'm just very excited that they are finished, but now this is the equivalent of of your bigger sibling playing keep away. You can see your toy...but you aren't tall enough to grab the damn thing. BUT THEY ARE COMING!! eventually. Today we party down with in package pics to confirm that these do, indeed, exist... somewhere, and are not holograms, cgi, magic or an opium induced fever dream. Merruh Chrismus

Also thought I'd share with you some pics I shot a while back of Indie Spotlight series 1. Enjoy!