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Eros International Worldwide presents the biggest budgeted Indian film in history - RA.ONE, directed by Anubhav Sinha, and starring superstars Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Arjun Rampal.

RA.ONE stars one of the world’s most popular actors and one of Newsweek’s “50 Most Powerful People in the World” - Shahrukh Khan. Called “India’s Tom Cruise” and known by his billions of fans as “King Kahn”, he plays Shekhar, a video game programmer whose games takes on a life of its own – creating the evil Ra.One (Arjun Rampal). Now, Shekar must become G.One, a tech-powered superhero, to defeat his super-powered creation and save the woman he loves. Here's the full synopsis...

A father trying hard to 'fit-in' in his Son's badass world- A son … trying hard to 'dude-up' his dad from 'aiiiyyyo' to 'YO!' And a mother lost in translation between her husband's 'ingeva' and her son's 'Inn'it!'While Shekhar was trying every trick in the book to woo his son, get 'dude-ified' and 'up his coolness quotient' his son had given up on him..Just when the father-son duo hit a deadlock- Shekhar strikes gold when he designs one hell of a game..Finally it all starts falling in place... the family comes together...
...only to find themselves in the middle of a crash...
...not just a hard drive crash but a crash that would drive them to a disaster and make their lives go – KABOOM!!!… all hell breaks loose when - the game that was meant to be played with… starts playing them… The next level.

Already the year’s most-anticipated film in India, RA.ONE’s trailer has been viewed over two million times and it’s Facebook page has nearly a quarter of a million fans. A stark contrast from traditional Bollywood musicals, this is how India does high-tech action – a fast-paced, special effects-filled superhero spectacle in the vein of The Matrix and Tron: Legacy.

RA.ONE features the new hit single “Criminal” from Akon...but if I subject you to that autotuned horror, you will hate me for here's the trailer!!

Meet the Bots of Real Steel

Damn, September flew by fast, and as we head into my favorite month of October, we get a little closer to ROBOT BATTLE!! Real Steal comes to the big screen October 7th with Hugh Jackman leading his destructo-bot Atom to victory against a lineup of machines programmed to pummel, crush and flatten their opponents, all for the adulation of the crowds and a hefty stack of prize cash, to be sure. Here's the skinny...

A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Now entering the ring...

Atom: The Junkyard Bot and our hero
Zeus: King of the Robots
Noisy Boy: The Manga Mangler
Twin Cities: The Tower of Power
Midas: The Gold Blooded Killer
Six Shooter: The Sheriff of Robo-Town
Ambush: The Boxing Superhero
Metro: Frankenstein's Monster

From JAKKS Pacific: What do you get when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots go head to head in the most intense form of battling mankind has ever seen? The ideal holiday gift for Real Steel fans! With A-list stars attached such as Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily, this action packed film is sure to be a major hit! In conjunction with the film’s release, JAKKS is launching a diverse and innovative product line, hitting upon multiple play patterns to give kids control over the fighting action!

Relive battles from the hit movie! The Real Steel 5” Basic Robot Assortment features 10 articulated robots with a light up chest cavity. Using QuickSwitch Technology™, Real Steel 5” Basic Robot limbs and accessories are interchangeable and allow you to customize and create the ideal robot to size up for any type of battle. Each robot sold separately. (SRP $8.99) The larger Real Steel 7.5” DLX Robot Assortment showcases a full range of hero robots straight from the film, each with a trigger-activated, signature action move! These highly articulated fighting bots are scaled to their size in the movie and are perfect for collecting and battling against your friend’s robots. (SRP $14.99) Take them to the ring to face-off in the ultimate battle!

The 10”x10” Build n’ Battle Set features a 5” Basic Atom hero Robot with three extra sets of arms and an extra set of legs for battle! Customize your robot with interchangeable fists, arms and legs. Control your robots’ right jab and left jab while preparing for lots of spring loaded carnage! Pieces work with all 5” basic figure robots. A carrying case is also included. (SRP $19.99) WRB Main Event Ring is sized to fit your favorite 7.5” robot. Tap on the mat to activate cheers from the crowd, battle sounds, phrases from the movie and more! (SRP $29.99) Ages 6+
WRB Battle Champions Game is not your average game! Control your robot with the goal of destroying your opponent in this interactive, high-tech fighting game. The 6” Zeus and Atom bots are included along with 180 degree swivel controls. Strategize and try to guess your opponents move in order to win! Left jab and right jab your way to victory! Each robot features removable parts, and with the right moves, you can break apart your opposing robot. Rebuild again and continue practicing for the next fight! (SRP $29.99) Ages 6+

For more images of the bots in package, complete with their power stats, and more pics of the ring playsets, CLICK HERE!!

CLICK HERE for the movie review!

Real Steel Movie Deluxe  Figures Wave 1 SetOrder Real Steel Movie Deluxe Figures Wave 1 Set from Entertainment Earth!

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Polka Face

No words needed. Just drink it in.

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New Masters of the Universe and the Fate of the Ghostbusters

POWERCON was this past weekend, celebrating all things Masters of the Universe and Thundercats in the LA area for all 16 of you rabid fans out there. WOO! (I kid) Mattel took the opportunity to show off some sexy new medieval/futuristic warriors and released pics of them today. Here's the skinny...

"Traveling Convention" Figure: Temple of Darkness Sorceress®
This is an all-white redeco of the Sorceress, as she was shown in the vintage mini-comic "The Temple of Darkness." She'll arrive with her white magic staff and new Orb of Grayskull™ stand (the Orb itself was included with our King Grayskull® figure in fall 2010). This Sorceress will be our 2012 "traveling convention" figure, much like the three JLU 3-packs are for 2011. We haven't locked down the itinerary yet, but we expect NYCC and Power-Con to be two of the shows we attend in 2012. Any unsold units of this special redeco of the Sorceress will be sold on in late fall 2012, but you can get her first at Mattel's traveling shows! (P.S. She will not be sold at SDCC or in any subscription.)

April Club Eternia® Figure: Stinkor®
It's the henchman with stench, man! This servant to Skeletor® really smells just like the vintage toy (think patchouli with a little extra sumpin' sumpin'). Comes with two interchangeable heads, backpack, shield and all-new blaster. Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

April Club Eternia® "Oversized" Beast: Griffin
Take to the skies with the evil winged steed of Beast Man® and reign terror throughout the light hemisphere! Based on the Battle Cat® buck (new head, rear legs, neck, saddle, head and tail), this new beast is the perfect choice for sending wicked warriors soaring into battle. Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

April Non-Subscription Item: Snake Mountain® Stands
Can't stand your evil warriors? Here's your chance to get them in fighting position with this great non-sub item featuring reconfigurable base and rock spikes.

May Club Eternia® Figure: Slush Head™
The evil goon squad member from the Tri Solar System enters the universe at long last. Another great mutant warrior to add to your collection, Slush Head comes complete with arm tentacles, axe and removable head dome you can really fill up with water! Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

May MOTU 30th Anniversary Series Figure: The Mighty Spector
Created by our very own Toy Guru, Scott Neitlich, from a childhood sketch, The Mighty Spector is the heroic master of Time Travel. He’s an undercover agent ready to serve the royal household any time, any place. Comes complete with blaster and swapable laser whip/knife (not shown). Included with 2012 MOTU 30th Anniversary Series subscriptions.

Mattel has announced that figures purchased day of sale (AKA rotten dirty cherry pickers) will cost more than figures included with subscription purchases to Club Eternia and the 30th Anniversary series. Many fans see this as a shake down as prices climb on figures already fairly expensive ($20 a pop plush shipping!) and though the Griffin will be snapped up eagerly alongside Stinkor, I'm not sure these announcements are going to do much to boost those subscription sign ups. For me personally, I've got most of the characters I was hoping would be released with my subscription purchase this year and don't feel a great urge to own all of She-Ra's Skittle colored pals (though I will be buying Swift Wind. Don't judge. THE LADY HAS TO RIDE SOMETHING!!) or a guy with a camera for a head (his name is Fearless Photog. I shit you not.) I'll admit Demon-Man and Draego-Man are pretty sweet, but with no retro context to pull on my heart strings, the bump up in price may force me to decide I don't need them for my collection.

Speaking of subscriptions, I also did not re-up my sub for Ghostbusters this year, even though it is one of my favorite movies. I had expectations of 6 inch action figures of the key ghosts and demons from both films in this line, but Mattel continually releases the Ghostbusters themselves with their somewhat annoying smiley faces atop different bodies and swapping in accessories that should probably be in every release (like a proton stream, ya know?!) Ghosts have been packed in with these figures, but to cut costs they are undersized and underwhelming. Many fans may share my thinking, as numbers on this coming year's subscription have forced a cancellation.

Ghostbusters™ Fans,

You know how much love the Matty team has for Ghostbusters, and although we were ready to support a subscription in 2012, sales were lower than we expected. We regret to announce that we have to cancel the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription. All 2012 orders will be promptly refunded. If you purchased a 2012 subscription, you should see the refund in your account within 5-7 business days of your refund being processed, depending on your bank. All 2011 subscriptions will continue to ship as scheduled.

Like you, we're disappointed that the subscription will be going away for 2012, but to show our appreciation for you fans who stepped up and bought a 2012 subscription, we're working on a "thank you" just for you. Stay tuned as we'll have something special coming for you in appreciation for your support.

Please know that the Ghostbusters line isn't over! To do right by all Ghostbusters fans, we're still moving forward with the previously announced figures for 2012 (Ready to Believe You Peter with Taxi Cab Ghost, The Rookie, Dana as Zuul) and a fourth figure in the fall, to be announced. These figures will be available at our regular monthly sales. Like our other lines, costs have risen since the brand was launched and the price of the 6" figures will increase to $22 each.

Now on to brighter news. In celebration of the boo bustin' boys' favorite time of the year, we're going to re-release some of your favorite figures during a special Ghostbusters Halloween sale. The sale will run from 10/17 through 10/31, and it's the perfect time to fill in any missing characters in your collection and stock up on favorites. But wait… yes, there's more! Not only will we have a great selection of characters, the October 17 sale will also bring the long-awaited Ghost Trap prop, plus the return of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Again, on behalf of the team, thanks for being a loyal fan. Long live the Ghostbusters!


Honestly, Mattel would be a lot easier to love if their mascot wasn't a giant head that looks like it is mocking you for buying their toys.

Note: MOTU pics from the Mattycollector Facebook, credit to whom ever they might have been re-posted from, as is the nature of the FBooks.

X-Men : Destiny Video Game Drops Tomorrow!

The next story of mutant madness from the Marvel Zombies over at Activision hits stores tomorrow so I thought we'd take a quick look at the eye candy and see if we can't get some of you drooling all over your keyboard...

A new breed of mutant heroes will invade game consoles on September 27, 2011 in X-Men: Destiny, from Marvel Entertainment and Activision. The all-new original video game casts players as new mutant recruits in a rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice and gives players ultimate control of their destiny.

A rally in San Fransisco may be mutantkind's last hope for peace with humanity. Three young mutants are about to discover that they have the power to change the world, and their destiny is in your hands.

  • CONTROL YOUR MUTANT’S DESTINY - Make core power and faction decisions, leading to an epic choice between the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  • DISCOVER YOUR MUTANT IDENTITY - Players choose among three all-new mutant characters, each with a unique background that is unraveled throughout the game.
  • UNLEASH YOUR MUTANT POWER - Take control of one of three all-new mutant abilities and watch as your power grows and evolves based on your decisions.
  • WALK IN ANOTHER MUTANT’S GENES - X-Gene enhancements allow players to experience their favorite X-Men characters’ abilities, such as Nightcrawler’s telepor- tation, Iceman’s freezing ability and more.
  • YOUR CHOICES SHAPE THE STORY - Players make morally ambiguous decisions that guide the destinies of their characters.

X-Men Destiny - Launch Trailer by Nomadixxx

Characters revealed so far include the lead characters...

Aimi - Voiced by Jamie Chung / Birthplace: Fuji City, Japan.
Smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents before their family could be incarcerated in the new mutant camps, Aimi arrives in San Francisco hidden on a tanker ship. She is too young and frightened to appreciate her parents’ motivations for sending her away, instead feeling only the bitterness and anger of abandonment.

Adrian - Voiced by Scott Porter / Birthplace: Los Angeles, California.
Adrian is the son of an anti-mutant extremist who was killed in battle. His father’s associates called themselves “Purifiers,” and under their care Adrian was educated to hate all mutants and conditioned to seek revenge for his father’s murder. The Purifiers have trained Adrian to be a soldier in their army of “pure-blooded” Homo sapiens.

Grant - Voiced by our buddy Milo Ventimiglia (HEY MILO!) / Birthplace: Sandersville, Georgia.
Grant is a college freshman with dreams of playing pro football. He hopes to land a spot this year on the University of California, Berkeley, varsity squad. Grant has zero interest in politics and knows little about the ongoing mutant/human conflict.

Also staring X-Men bad asses Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Juggernaut, Colossus, Ice Man, Pixie, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Pyro, Gambit, Northstar, Forge, Caliban, Toad and more!

For more information on X-Men: Destiny head to the game's official website at More news will also be shared with the Hero HQ community on Facebook at

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The Hub of Transformers : Great American Tour

Fans of the popular TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro will have a chance to experience the storied franchise in several communities as The Hub TV Network, a destination for kids and their families, collaborates with some of the biggest names in entertainment for the nationwide “The Hub of TRANSFORMERS: Great American Tour,” celebrating the heritage of the successful entertainment property. The eight-city touring exhibit kicks off September 30 in New York and California.

The tour brings together entertainment leaders Hasbro, Inc., Blockbuster L.L.C., Paramount Home Entertainment, and Universal Studios Hollywood with The Hub in an event that engages consumers and brings the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to life through a highly interactive brand experience for the whole family.

“The Hub of TRANSFORMERS: Great American Tour” will celebrate the franchise in all its iterations including this summer’s hit film from Paramount Pictures Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as well as the all-new CGI animated television series “Transformers Prime” from Hasbro Studios, and the original 1980s animated television series -- both of which can currently be seen on The Hub.

The tour will coincide with the three-part first season finale of the Emmy®-winning “Transformers Prime” on The Hub beginning on Saturday, October 1 (8:30p.m. ET) as well as Paramount Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray™ and DVD release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon on Friday, September 30.

Eight Blockbuster retail locations will host spectacular dome-shaped “Transformers Prime”-themed tents that will feature photo opportunities, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive artifacts and authentic props from both television series as well as Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Additionally, fans can see the authentic Camaro (BUMBLEBEE) or Corvette (SIDESWIPE) movie vehicles from this summer’s mega-successful film and win special TRANSFORMERS prizes. Universal Studios Hollywood will also offer a special sneak peek of its new cutting- edge mega attraction, “Transformers: The Ride-3D,” opening in Spring 2012. The dynamic, motion-based thrill ride will tell an original “TRANSFORMERS” story using original, photo-realistic 3D-HD media, sophisticated special effects and one of the most elaborate roaming flight simulator ride systems ever created.

“The Hub of TRANSFORMERS: Great American Tour” dates and Blockbuster store locations:

· (9/30 - 10/1) - 256 E Route 59, NANUET, NEW YORK, 10954

· (9/30 - 10/1) - 10338 Sepulveda, MISSION HILLS, CALIFORNIA, 91345

· (10/8) - 4640 W Irving Park Road, CHICAGO, ILLINIOIS, 60641

· (10/8) - 1375 Blossom Hill Road, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, 95118

· (10/15) - 827 S.E. Green Oaks Blvd., ARLINGTON, TEXAS, 76017

· (10/15) - 5365 S. Wadsworth, LITTLETON, COLORADO, 80123

· (10/22) - 588 Sawdust, SPRING, TEXAS, 77380

· (10/22) - 624 W. Hwy. 40, BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI, 64014

In addition, fans can participate in a month-long Facebook sweepstakes promoted in 1,500 Blockbuster retail locations beginning Monday, September 26. One Grand Prize is a trip to Los Angeles to be amongst the first to experience TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE – 3D, the all-new attraction coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in Spring 2012. Combined with a gift pack featuring Hasbro, Blockbuster and Paramount Home Entertainment prizes, the Grand Prize is valued at more than $5,500. 100 secondary winners will each receive “The Ultimate TRANSFORMERS Fan Gift Pack” which includes subscriptions, gift cards, toys, and DVDs from the participating sponsors. The promotion will be simultaneously hosted on all six promotional partners’ Facebook pages where more details can be found:

The Hub -
Hasbro -
Paramount -
Blockbuster -
Universal Studios Hollywood -

CHILLERAMA Screening in NY This Weekend

It's the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and Cecil B. Kaufman (Hatchet's Richard Riehle) has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons. Four films so rare that they have never been exhibited publicly on American soil until this very night! What could possibly go wrong?

In the spirit of classic anthology films like Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie and containing films that not only celebrate the golden age of drive-in B horror shlock but also span over four decades of cinema, CHILLERAMA offers something for every bad taste. With titles like Wadzilla, I Was a Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, and Zom-B-Movie and featuring appearances by Joel David Moore (Avatar), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and more cameos than you can count, CHILLERAMA is sure to have you screaming for more. From the depraved minds of Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), Adam Green (Frozen), and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2).

THIS SATURDAY: 9/24: New York Village East Cinemas (Midnight) - Special guest appearance by Director Joe Lynch (Zom-B-Movie) and Actress Kristina Klebe (The Diary of Anne Frankenstein)

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NYCC: Adult Swim and Cartoon Network Panels

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim will host nine panels, two screenings and three autograph signings for fan-favorite series at New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Center, Friday, October 14 through Sunday October 16, 2011. See the full lineup for both networks below; please note all times, dates and locations are subject to change.



ADULT SWIM: The Venture Bros
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: IGN Theater
Talent: Jackson Publick (co-creator) and Doc Hammer (co-creator)

The Venture Bros show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, perennial Comic-Con favorites, will discuss their original series and answer questions that have been submitted by fans on Launched on Adult Swim in August 2004, The Venture Bros. is an inspired spoof of 1960s action cartoon shows such as “Johnny Quest.” The animated series follows the bizarre misadventures of the Venture family, which includes world-renowned Dr. Venture, his dimwitted sons Hank and Dean as well as Brock Samson, their bodyguard assigned by the government to keep an eye on the family who is then promptly forgotten by the Feds.

ADULT SWIM: Robot Chicken
5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Location: IGN Theater
Talent: Seth Green (co-creator), Matt Senreich (co-creator), Zeb Wells (writer) and Doug Goldstein (head writer and co-producer)

Seth Green (co-creator), Matthew Senreich (co-creator), Zeb Wells (writer), and Doug Goldstein (head writer and co-producer) discuss their incredibly-popular and award-winning series Robot Chicken and provide a sneak peek of season 5.5, premiering Oct. 23rd at 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim. Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, the Emmy Award-winning Robot Chicken uses stop-motion animation to bring pop-culture parodies to life in a modern take on the variety/sketch show format.


ADULT SWIM: Superjail!
4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Christy Karacas (creator and executive producer) , Stephen Warbrick (creator and executive producer), Jackson Publick, Janine DiTullio

Join creators and executive producers Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick with Jackson Publick and Janine DiTullio as they discuss their Adult Swim series Superjail! and preview never-before-seen footage! Fast-paced animation, flying guts, creepy underlings, and plenty of prison fights dominate the Warden’s chaotic prison in Superjail!. The blood flows like wine and the line between criminal and keeper gets blurrier by the minute. Picture a kaleidoscope of entrails meets Jon Waters meets Shawshank damnation plus a sweaty muscle woman minus primetime sensibility. You are hereby guilty of being given what you asked for.

ADULT SWIM: Eagleheart
4:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Chris Elliot, Jason Woliner, Andrew Weinberg, Michael Koman, Maria Thayer

Join series star Chris Elliott with Jason Woliner, Andrew Weinberg, Michael Koman, Maria Thayer as they discuss the live-action comedy Eagleheart and show exclusive footage from the upcoming new season. Produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Productions and Dakota Pictures, the series premiered in February and recently wrapped production of its second season, which is slated to premiere in the spring of 2012. Every episode of Eagleheart promises violence, suspense, intrigue and copious amounts of needless bloodshed as Marshal Chris Monsanto (Elliott) blindly kicks, punches and shoots his way to what may or may not be a legitimate solution to his case.

ADULT SWIM: The Heart, She Holler
5:30 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal, Heather Lawless, Leo Fitzpatrick, Joe Sikora, John Lee (executive producer), Alyson Levy (executive producer)

Adult Swim presents The Heart, She Holler, an original live-action series that explores the dramatic lives of a small community living in a hillbilly town. Moderated by David Cross, series stars Patton Oswalt (United States of Tara), Kristen Schaal (The Flight of the Conchords), Heather Lawless (Be Kind Rewind), Leo Fitzpatrick (El Camino), and Joe Sikora (Shutter Island) join co-executive producers John Lee and Alyson Levy to show never-before-seen footage of this new original live-action series that will premiere on Adult Swim this fall.

ADULT SWIM: Delocated!
6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Jon Glaser (creator and executive producer), Steve Cirbus, Janeane Garofalo, Jacob Kogan, Yung-I Chang, Ali Farahnakian

Delocated! creator/executive producer and star Jon Glaser is on hand along with Steve Cirbus, Janeane Garofalo, Jacob Kogan, Yung-I Chang and Ali Farahnakian to reveal exclusive footage from the upcoming third season of the show premiering on Adult Swim this fall as well as answer questions about the series. Delocated! is a live-action series about “Jon,” who after testifying against the Russian Mafia has to live undercover through the witness protection program. After existing quietly in an anonymous suburb, “Jon” accepts an offer to participate in a reality show based on his life. In order to protect his identity with television audiences—and more importantly, the Russian mob family the Mirminsky’s—he wears a ski mask and has his voice surgically disguised.

ADULT SWIM: China, IL Exclusive Screening and Q&A
7:15 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Brad Neely (creator) and Daniel Weidenfeld (executive producer)

Adult Swim presents an exclusive screening of a never-before-aired episode of their newest animated comedy China, IL. Frank and Steve Smith are brothers who teach in the history department of a state university in China, IL. They also happen to be legends in their own minds who will often sacrifice facts, lessons and syllabi for the sake of being awesome. Created by Brad Neely and produced by Titmouse, Inc., China, IL is a reverse Animal House where the teachers are crazy and the students just want to learn. Creator Brad Neely and executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld will be on hand for a lively Q&A.

ADULT SWIM: Black Dynamite
8:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Room 1A06
Talent: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Kym Whitley, Carl Jones (executive producer), and Scott Sanders (producer)

Black Dynamite is an exciting new animated series coming to Adult Swim in 2012 and is based on 2009’s critically-acclaimed feature film. The series further chronicles the exploits of Black Dynamite and his crew. Cast members Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Byron Minns (Bullhorn), Kym Whitley (Honeybee), executive producer Carl Jones, and producer Scott Sanders will host a Q&A and show never-before-seen footage! Room


CARTOON NETWORK: Adventure Time / Regular Show Panel and Q&A
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: 1A06
Talent: Adventure Time - Pendleton Ward (Creator/ Lumpy Space Princess), Jeremy Shada (Finn) and Tom Kenny (Ice King); Regular Show talent includes creator J.G. Quintel (Creator/ Mordecai), Bill Salyers (Rigby) and Sam Marin (Pops, Benson, Muscle Man).

Cartoon Network is dominating Monday nights with the FUNNIEST night on television, and we’re bringing the inside scoop to Comic Con! Join creators and talent from Adventure Time and Regular Show as they talk about how these two comedy hits came to life, screen upcoming episodes, share what’s in store for your favorite characters this season, answer questions and more!

The panel features Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward (Lumpy Space Princess), Jeremy Shada (Finn) and Tom Kenny (Ice King); Regular Show talent includes creator J.G. Quintel (Mordecai), Bill Salyers (Rigby) and Sam Marin (Pops, Benson, Muscle Man).

Adventure Time introduces viewers to unlikely heroes Finn and Jake, buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo and encounter its colorful inhabitants. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of heart-pounding escapades. Regular Show features Mordecai, a six-foot-tall blue jay, and Rigby, a hyperactive raccoon, great friends and groundskeepers at a park whose attempts to escape their everyday boredom take them to fantastical extremes.

CARTOON NETWORK: Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United Screening and Q&A
12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Location: 1A22

Cartoon Network’s top animated action heroes - Ben 10 and Generator Rex - team up for an exciting panel at New York Comic Con...and for an out-of-this-world adventure! In the middle of a battle, Ben Tennyson is drawn into a vortex and lands in an alternate world infected by nanites! Ben must team up with Rex to defeat a common enemy who covets the Omnitrix and Omega Nanite! In the midst of battle, Ben Tennyson is drawn into a vortex and lands in an alternate world infected by nanites...the world of Generator Rex! Ben and Rex will face off before realizing they must unite to battle a common enemy who threatens both of their worlds!

CARTOON NETWORK: Level Up World Premiere Screening
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: 1A22

It’s time to “Level Up” your Comic Con experience with the WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING of Cartoon Network’s funniest original movie for the video game age! Level Up introduces three high school gamers who unwittingly open a portal from an online game, allowing the in-game creatures and mayhem to escape into the real world! The trio must put aside their differences and join forces to play the game for real in order to save their neighborhood (and the world!) from ultimate evil! Be among the first to see Level Up before it premieres on Cartoon Network in November, with an explosive TV series to follow in 2012.


Friday, October 14

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Venture Bros Signing
Location: Room 1E07
Talent: Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer

2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Robot Chicken Signing
Location: Room 1E07
Talent: Seth Green (co-creator), Matt Senreich (co-creator),
Zeb Wells (writer) and Doug Goldstein (head writer and co-producer)

Saturday, October 15

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Black Dynamite Signing
Location: Room 1E07
Talent: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Kym Whitley,
Carl Jones (executive producer), and Scott Sanders (producer)


Cartoon Network and Adventure Time will take over the registration lobby of the Jacob Javits Center at New York Comic Con from October 13 – 16, with the CARTOON NETWORK LOUNGE. A fully-immersive experience, the CARTOON NETWORK LOUNGE will be a must-see destination for fans of the network, as they can catch up on their favorite Adventure Time episodes, grab some exclusive giveaways, play their favorite video games and so much more. In addition to other giveaways, Adventure Time fans should stop by to get their free New York Comic Con exclusive 2" Finn figure, while supplies last. The toy is a limited-edition update to one of the figures from Jazwares toy line, which is currently available for sale at Toys"R"Us retailers nationwide. Additionally, at the CARTOON NETWORK LOUNGE, fans can try their hand at three all-new video games that will be released this fall: Ben 10 Galactic Racing, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL and Generator Rex: Agent of Providence.

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Watch Deadliest Warrior: Zombies VS Vampires NOW

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DC's New 52 : Week 4 Reviews

Just like that guy in that movie always says .. "Here we go AGAIN!!" I would like to start this round of reviews with a statement that will sound odd coming from me. As a writer for Dread Central, I am no stranger to blood and guts with my coffee and bagel first thing in the morning. That said, it is a rare moment when a movie, book or other form of media catch me off guard with content dripping with the red stuff. I have, however, come to realize that when these elements are placed in a certain way alongside the story, character development and fit the tone of the film, the entire project is the better for it. Just cutting people to shreds and flinging organs doesn't do it for me, and I find the public agrees with me, as is reflected in reviews and box office results. I respect what DC Comics is trying to do in bringing a more realistic feel to their books as well as a grittier, almost angrier world for their heroes to shine through, but this constant display of gore for the sake of gore isn't very satisfying. I've read DC comics for years now and only dropped off a couple of years back when I lost my connection with the characters I loved and saw DC shifting other characters so violently as to not make any sense. I get that this is to be looked at as a "new beginning", but does every book need to include bloodshed and a dismemberment of some sort?! I honestly don't know what the creators are going for here, but I would advise them to be very careful. I don't expect a great deal of the new readers they are targeting are also fans of gratuitous gore and the readers who have been here all along would probably read a horror comic if they were looking for such things. Oddly, the books that were pushed on me AS horror titles present the subject matter with the quiet intensity of a great horror film, exploring the human element as much as the abject terrors they face. Perhaps, your hero books could learn a lesson from them.

Nuff said..on with the show!! Last week was a mixed bag of dislike and like, but I'm happy to report this week's batch left me with far more to smile about.

Batman #1 - You know the story. A boy witnesses his parents brutally murdered in a botched robbery attempt. Bruce Wayne grows up hard, traveling the world to find experts who would teach him the skills he could use to strike fear into the criminal elements of Gotham City and more importantly, survive the experience. In his time as The Batman, Bruce has had three sidekicks and a son, brought his brand of justice to the world through specially trained heroes following his code and even conquered death itself. Now, we return to Gotham; a city intent on tearing itself apart with new twisted individuals bent on terror around every corner. Bruce Wayne is back in the cowl, ready to pummel anything that goes bump in the night, armed with cutting edge bat weaponry and the most high tech gear the Bat Cave could house, now available at his finger tips.

So, how do we re-introduce Batman to the world? We throw the entire populace of Arkham Asylum at him! Right out of the gate we see Batman doing what he does best; namely taking down his top villains with the crunch of bone and crashing of glass as his theme music. To be sure, this is the most clever way to say to those old school readers "Settle down! As you see, all your favorite baddies are still kicking in the New52, albeit with some slight tweaking to their looks here and there." Happily, you'll find these re-designs not far from anything we've seen in the past and nowhere near as drastic as those in "The Batman" cartoon which had Joker running around barefoot with a straight jacket on. I will point out an appearance by The Joker which had him sporting the slit-mouth look rather than the classic mug they already established in Detective Comics #1. Odd, but not unforgivable in the context of this story. This is a "getting to know you" issue on one hand, while in the other, a way to show die hard fans what is new in this universe. Gordon still meets a shadowy figure on a rooftop from time to time, the Bat Cave still sports a giant penny and robotic dinosaur, Dick Grayson is still up for a little backup if the situation calls for it and Tim Drake and Damian Wayne are still very much welcome at Wayne Manor. Oh..and Alfred is not CGI. Most importantly, Batman #1 sets a tone. This is Gotham, and it belongs to The Bat. He's got every street wired and every good man on his side...and he'll need all this in play when a savage new killer surfaces, making him doubt the goodness in those men he holds closest. Batman #1 is constantly entertaining, parading out old friends (good and evil alike) to present a force for hope amid the chaos threatening to swallow this city whole every day. This is CLASSIC Batman at its finest with a sharp look to compliment those dark alleys and crazed expressions while also enhancing the humanity behind every genuine smile and snarky smirk. If the tone and tempo of this book are any indication, we are in for one excellent ride.

Birds of Prey #1 - Meanwhile, in another part of Gotham City, a reporter is hot on the trail of some super powered femme fatales who beat back the big bad and aren't supposed to exist...sort of like the A Team with boobs. OK, not really, but I was dying to make the comparison. For the ladies of the DCU, it is business as usual with Black Canary (a blond with exceptional fighting skills and a scream that can shatter your skull) and Starling (who shows little more power than some killer moves and a punk rock attitude) battling creeps straight out of a Metal Gear Solid video game for pretty much the whole issue. It may be a bit of a spoiler, but I couldn't write less about this issue if I tried. I've never read an issue of a comic that had so much action while absolutely nothing is happening. You barely get introduced to the main characters and by the finale, you have no sense of a plot forming. It seems as if the writers were reaching for a detective story feel with plenty of inner monologue from Black Canary, but it lacks any sort of intensity or style to pull it off. What's left is the merest hint of a mystery with time jumps and the reader left in the middle of it all, wondering which way they should be facing. Sadly, Birds of Prey left me flat.

Catwoman #1 - Selina Kyle is the Catwoman. Adrenaline junkie, sexually aggressive predator and genuine force of nature would describe her best. Once she crashes into your life, you'll never be the same. We join Selina doing what she does best..fleeing those who would put a bullet between her eyes! Diving in head first is really the best way to enter Catwoman's world. It's how she lives, after all. Now it is time to scare up some quick cash, so buckle up. Selina seems like a slightly unhinged girl, so going to work means equal parts sex and violence..and tonight's menu will see more of the latter. This book goes from 80mph to a relaxing 30 and back up to 90 before you can blink. Watch Catwoman slide through danger as if she were untouchable with blood drenched claws and a smile on her face, then return home to her family of kitties who make her appear almost normal. Almost. Catwoman is a manic whirlwind flight through yet another side of Gotham City. It may be prettier, but it is just as dangerous. The look of the comic utilizes a slightly more artistic take on the standard "hero art" playing on the lush shades of color that exist in the city at night, giving the book a sort of sex appeal. I had a great time blowing through this psychotic read up until the last pages which threw a visual at me that is forever burned into my eyes. It's something you can't unsee, and you may endlessly debate if you ever wanted to see it in the first place. There used to be a fine line walked in super hero comics. Sure, they often soak the panels in blood for shock value, but those more intimate moments were best left alluded to. Now the lines are blurred in the New52. All the old rules are out the window..and I'm not sure I like it. In this instance, going too far almost ruined the whole experience for me. I'm going to be very interested to hear what the rest of you say about this comic in the days after it's release. As it stands, I may not be returning to this title. If you thought the last page of Detective Comics was a little over the top, you haven't seen anything yet.

DC Universe Presents #1 - Here is your all purpose introduction to Deadman AKA Boston Brand, who squandered his life in empty pursuits, stepping on those he felt were lesser than him along the way. His demise reminds us that there is always a bigger shark in the sea. In death, Boston strikes a bargain to work off his bad karma by aiding those lost souls living empty lives, and with every victory, he comes one step closer to eternal peace. How exactly he goes about steering them toward a more fulfilling life is unclear to me. It involves him jumping into their body and living their life for a time, but how does that help them to grow as a person if they are no longer in control? Questions aside, the writing in this book is engaging, so you'll fly right through it. The body jumping aspect of Deadman's power also allows for some lighter fun as he seeks the help of those with a heartbeat and is none too subtle about it. The look is as moody as the content with each shadowy setting lending excellently to the manifestation of Deadman's power which envelopes his host in a pink glow. It is all very appealing. Though there are some lighter moments, the bulk of this introductory story is deep and brooding, so be prepared for drama before you step in. I'll be sticking around for at least one more issue to see where the actual plot is going. I've got an understanding of his powers and the many lives he has lived, so now we can see what this guy in tights does to make the world a better place.

One note: In Hawk and Dove, I'd swear we are looking at post "Blackest Night" Deadman..who is actually LIVE in back from the dead. If that is the case, why are we following the exploits of still dead Deadman in this book? For a cohesive new universe, I sure do find myself confused more often than not.

Green Lantern Corps #1 - Somewhere out in the cold of space, aliens are SCREAMING. Toss another hero book into the "may as well be horror" pile! GL Corps opens up on a detention center set upon by some vicious, relentless force that is short on words and long on bloodshed. After this quick intro to the book's big bad, we jump down to Earth where Guy Gardener and Jon Stewart are dealing with human problems for once. Fortunately, they are still Green Lanterns and can leave behind our mundane existence whenever the mood strikes them. This reminder that the human Green Lanterns may still face problems that are constantly echoed in a "street-level" book like Spider-Man is a refreshing change from the GL stories I've grown accustomed to. Before long, it is time to take action, so we follow our boys alongside a handful of ring slingers to hunt down the seemingly unstoppable menace we began the book with. The layout of this comic will be familiar to anyone who has watched a great movie. The main characters are not introduced directly as much as they are dropped in our laps in a situation that allows us to take in the breathe of their personality. The writing keeps these moments real and highly enjoyable. In counterpoint, the horrific nature in which the unseen villain strikes in between those human moments builds the tension throughout the book, as we know these forces are destined to clash. To say I'm looking forward to the hunt for this kill-crazy alien and the epic battle that is sure to come from that meeting is an understatement. GL Corps has all the beats of an excellent, action packed Scifi film with the horrors of an ultra creepy Resident Evil scenario thrown into the mix, creating a cosmic tale that's just too good to pass up. Snap this one up while you can!

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 - Back into space with the Legion, a group of young space heroes keeping the peace in the universe in the 31st century. Wasting no time, the book drops us planet side for the start of a mission requiring some degree of stealth. The familiar faces of Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy are present with Chemical Kid and Dragonwing bringing up the rear. We get a brief taste of each character's personality before heading back to Legion HQ for additional beats with Mon-El and Brainiac 5 and quick cameos from Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Dream Girl and Comet Queen. The action is very slowly ramping up on the alien planet while the rest of the Legion discuss things that seem at the epicenter of those events that created DC's New 52. Flashpoint is named directly! For those who have been trying to unravel the riddle of the "Pink Lady" and her suspected link to Time Trapper, this is the book where Glorith lives and quietly wishes she could master time to undo the horrible things she has seen. Shades of things to come if you ask me! The book is somewhat slow, no doubt mired in its need to give you a sense of each character's personality....all 20 of those characters. Yawn. The real action doesn't begin until the last 4 pages or so and doesn't amount to much. Those that have read Legion before will probably be very happy to see their familiar friends still in action. For someone unfamiliar with this book and it's heroes, the events can be confusing and tedious with very standard hero art lacking in any spectacle to wake up your tired eyes. If the art inside were anything like the dynamic cover, I probably would have payed more attention to the story. As it is, the plot will probably reveal itself to be just as integral to the whole of the 52 as Stormwatch is said to be, but I'll most likely sleep right through it.

Nightwing #1 - Now we are talking about a character I know a thing or two about! I followed the tales of Dick Grayson as he took on a place more savage than Gotham to prove his skills were worthy of Batman's pride. I stuck around as Dick moved to New York when DC seemed to be trying to ground their universe in our reality. The stories were still wildly creative and fun, so I continued on. The Batman went to his grave and Dick took on the mantle..and I was out. Dick proved to be a lesser Batman, prone to fits of anger and lacking in the detective skills that made Bruce Wayne second to none. NOW, Bruce has returned, allowing Dick to get back into his speed suit and take to the rooftops, looking for trouble in the town he cut his teeth on... Gotham! The writers of this book recapture the light nature of Dick who is just as human when he is on the hunt as when he is in street clothes. This humanity does not diminish the action as we follow Nightwing into battle delivering strikes you can feel through the panel, thanks in no small part to art capturing the speed and ferocity of these moments with eerie realism. As Dick's past catches up with him, a newcomer to the city starts making a name for the point of a knife. Remember those jarring moments of horror I discussed in my opening rant? Nightwing has one of those which proves to be so nasty you almost don't want to continue on. Luckily, this is just a quick beat, and though it did sour my overall experience, it didn't ruin it so much that I am done for good. There is enough vintage Nightwing action in this book to make me come back for more, but DC had better chill on the Nightmare on Elm Street level violence! I'd like to have some fun without the bloodbath from time to time.

Quick Note: Read Batman first, then Nightwing. It seems Batgirl 2 will spill over into this story line as well.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - DREAMTEAM!! Take the arrogant swagger of Arsenal paired with the borderline psychotic excellence of former Batman protege Red Hood, backed by the sheer power and raw sex appeal of Starfire and you've got a recipe for AWESOME! As you flip to page 1, you'll quickly find the art is just as engaging as the images on the cover. This is not your typical men in tights book. The action kicks off fast and furious like a well timed comedy skit with armed soldiers dropping like flies at a rate that would make Deadpool blush. Basically, it's a Bruce Willis movie. Snappy banter and explosions just make my heart happy. After we escape the flames, the meat of the story kicks off as Red Hood AKA Jason Todd is briefed on some mystical horrors happening in other parts of the world and our anti-hero seems to already know where to point his guns for justice. This book has more charisma than any 10 comics on the shelves today. I never thought I'd have so much fun watching three fairly self involved characters interact. While the first half of the book boasts action that goes off the rails, the second half packs in some hysterical conversations including a reference to past comics and their relevancy to our orange skinned hotty that will make you fall out of your chair. This comic is an overflowing glass of kick-ass and I can't wait for #2!

Supergirl #1 - If our DC history is still primarily intact, then Superman cashed on planet Earth as a baby, allowing him ample time to adjust to the ways of human beings and the effects our sun has on Kryptonian physiology. Supergirl...has no such luck. It seems Supergirl went from a normal life on her home planet to a crash landing on a strange new world in an instant, but she has no time to figure out why as a military force converges on her location, intent on her capture. Amazing powers manifest as robot attackers move in and we have a recipe for chaos. The art style chosen lends to the relentless action with frenzied panel placement helping to toss you around as you try to follow every super-charged clash. You will DEVOUR this comic in under 5 minutes and love every minute of it. It's an all out super battle introducing the Girl of Steel to a new audience through a flurry of confusion, pain and anger..much like the average day of any teenage girl (except this one might be able to throw a tank at you!) This book is crazy fun.

Wonder Woman #1 - An ominous figure casts a spell allowing him to find that which he desires. At that same moment almost a world away, a being summons creatures born of carnage. In an instant, the life of a girl named Zola will be changed forever and only Wonder Woman may be able to spare her from the horrors that seek her out. The story takes off like a wild horse broken free of it's fence and takes next to no opportunity to tell a story or allude to a plot beyond the normal sort of "Girl of Destiny" shtick I'm going to assume. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on here. It's like I sat down in the middle of the movie and now I have to hope for a little exposition to catch me up. No such luck. Details are revealed and remain meaningless. Violence is displayed with great pride and lack impact without any sort of context. Oooo..more blood. So what? I'm so damn desensitized at this point I'd welcome a 4 hour director's cut of Seven. I have far too many gripes about this book, so I'll just stop here. Let's just say I wasn't feeling it at all. I will note that I recently had a great time reading Gail Simone's Wonder Woman, so maybe that bar is set way too high now. The Wonder Woman of the New 52 is just lacking on all counts. This is no fun.