Thursday, January 28, 2021

Toy Fair 2021: Star Trek: The Next Generation Coming to Super7

Super 7 Star Trek The Next Generation ReAction Figures
Super7 is excited to announce that Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction figures will be launching this spring. The first wave of 3.75” articulated ReAction figures will include Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Wesley Crusher, Guinan, and a Borg drone.  

“Star Trek: The Next Generation was a breath of fresh air, not just on television, but to my relationship with Star Trek. Suddenly, I cared a lot,” said Super7 Founder & Owner, Brian Flynn.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Body-Swap Horror FREAKY Coming to Digital 1/26 and Blu-ray and DVD 2/9

Freaky Blu-ray & DVD Package

For those that are bored of all the remakes and reimaginings, I challenge you to not fall in love with horror's new trend of re-spinning classic movie tropes into blood drenched fright flicks!! "Happy Death Day" took the comedic premise formulated in movies like "Groundhog's Day", where a person repeats the same day until they find a way to break the cycle, and made it..well...very stabby. Now "FREAKED" takes the often regurgitated premise of "Freaky Friday" and..umm..also makes it stabby...BUT I PROMISE YOU ITS LOADS OF FUN!!

MY LITTLE PONY / TRANSFORMERS II ...Yes, This Happened Once Already

IDW Comics My Little Pony / Transformers II

I anxiously await Evil Dead vs My Little Pony... but until that awesome day... IDW once again welcomes fans of all ages to the most imaginative comic book mashup of Hasbro creations ever with My Little Pony / Transformers II, a four-part monthly miniseries launching in April!

While using a modified Spacebridge to bring magic to Cybertron, the Decepticons end up unleashing a more powerful evil from Equestria than they ever could’ve imagined. Two worlds collide in the return of this hit crossover concept, with a first issue by writers James Asmus and Sam Maggs, and artists Jack Lawrence and Casey W. Coller!

MDS Roto Plush Ghost Face from Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toyz MDS Roto Plush Ghost Face

He can be the life (or death) of the party!

One of the greatest slashers of the '90s, Ghost Face can now be your bestie! This floppy Roto Plush is at home on the couch binge watching horror flicks, playing trivia games, or creeping you company at bedtime. At approximately 18” tall, Ghost Face’s chilling expression was inspired by the iconic Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream”. Ghost Face wears his signature robe and comes complete with a hunting knife that fits neatly in his hand.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Last Resort Resurrecting Retro Creeps

Last Resort Toys Diener Space Creatures XL Winged Amphibian Creature
If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times more...this is a FAN FRIKKEN TASTIC time to be a geek! All our favorite movies are available in blazing Blu-ray, the retail shelves are filled with the likes of He-Man, Ghostbusters and Godzilla...and even something as obscure as Diener Space Creatures can get enough love to warrant a super sized resurgence! Those little eraser monsters that mirrored the far-out 50's scifi film creatures are making a comeback thanks to Last Resort Toys