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SDCC: Gentle Giant's Exclusives

At this point I'll just be heaving this information into the blog with little warning, so keep it glued right here and to the Flickr for a closer look at everything we can possibly show you! Now we take some time with Gentle Giant who boast a collection of high quality collectibles from your favorite classic licenses as well as the newest films you've been talking about. Here's the lineup...

Jawa Vinyl Cape Vintage Kenner 12" Figure
- 1k pieces - $70
Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant continues on with their new line of vintage Star Wars action figure reproductions with the release of this classic scavenging Jawa with exclusive variant vinyl cape!

Digitally scanned from mint 3 ¾” Kenner originals and reproduced in scale to the rest of the jumbo Kenner line. Nothing has been overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this jumbo figure includes a faithfully reproduced blaster and authentic vinyl cloak, plus it’s is fully articulated!

That’s not all, this classic Kenner creation comes packaged on a 1977, Star Wars inspired blister card, featuring original front and “12 back” artwork, in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display!

McQuarrie Snowtrooper Mini Bust - 1800 pieces - $70
1:6th scale. Inspired by the art of Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to our line of “concept art” mini busts – the McQuarrie Snowtrooper. McQuarrie is often credited with developing the look and feel of the Star Wars trilogy. McQuarrie and Johnston worked side by side to develop this version of the Imperial Snowtrooper. It is uniquely different than the final film version, which makes this a wonderful nod to the evolution of the Star Wars Universe.

Rendered in high quality polystone, this deluxe 2011 San Diego Comic Con exclusive mini bust is hand-painted, individually numbered and features two interchangeable heads. A unique addition to your Star Wars collection.

Captain America Movie Mini Bust - 1k pieces - $75
1:6th scale. Straight out of the new movie The First Avenger, it’s CAPTAIN AMERICA! From screen to stone, Steve Rogers is immortalized wielding his signature shield and trusty sidearm like you’ve never seen him before.

Digitally scanned from film actor Chris Evans and then cast in high quality poly stone. Each limited edition hand painted piece comes numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity. Make Mine Marvel!

Neville Longbottom Mini Bust - 550 pieces - $70
1:6th scale. Just in time for the final chapter of the Harry Potter films, it’s the hero of the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom! Wielding his trusty wand and the Sorting Hat, this pure blooded Gryffendor has grown from a shy, introverted boy into a fierce defender of good.

Digitally scanned from film actor Matthew Lewis and then cast in high quality poly stone, no detail was overlooked in the creation of this mini bust. Each limited edition hand painted piece comes numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

Sucker Punch Baby Doll Mini Bust - 500 pieces - $65
1:6 scale. You will be unprepared. Sucker Punch, set in the 1950s, tells the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning), who is trying to hide from the pain caused by her evil stepfather, imprisoned in a mental institution in she starts to imagine an alternate reality. She plans to escape from that imaginary world but to do that she needs to steal five objects before she is captured by an unknown adversary. In order to cope with her new stressful situation, she enters the hyper-real world of her imagination, and the lines between reality and dream begin to blur. Lessons learned in this fantasy world could help Baby Doll and her 4 friends escape their real-world fate.

Beautifully hand painted and cast in high quality poly-stone, the Baby Doll Mini Bust is a strictly limited edition collectible that is hand numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

For a closer look at these exclusives, CLICK HERE!

SDCC: Bif Bang Pow's Full Exclusives Lineup

Bif Bang Pow! does it again at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011 with another astonishing array of brand-new collectibles that includes 8 Comic-Con Exclusives and 21 product debuts from Doctor Who™, The Venture Bros.™, NCIS™, Lost™, The Twilight Zone™, and Eastbound & Down®... plus the first-ever 3 3/4-inch action figure from Dexter™. Starting with these exclusives and debuts, all of our 2011-2012 action figures will be individually numbered.

All products will be available only at the Entertainment Earth® booth #2343. Prices include sales tax, and per-person limits may apply at the show.

Doctor Who : Travel through time and space with Doctor Who and Bif Bang Pow!'s Comic-Con Exclusive Cyberleader and The Master Action Figures. The marvelous EMCE Toys 8-inch scale, retro-styled figures showcase Cyberleader in metallic silver and black, along with a cloaked and magnificently malevolent Master. SDCC will also witness the debut of the Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Field-Major Styre Action Figures. All four are limited editions of 3,000 pieces each that include series-true accessories, real fabric clothing, and multiple points of articulation. (Sold separately, $20 each)

The resin Comic-Con Exclusive TARDIS Bobble Head with Sound ($22) is based on the Classic Series and stands about 6 3/4-inches tall on a themed base. It features the Doctor's favorite mode of transportation, complete with signature materialize and dematerialize sounds, and the entire TARDIS bobbles! The extraordinary 8 5/8-inch wide Doctor Who TARDIS Tin Tote ($15) also debuts... in the likeness of a TARDIS. Both items are limited to 3,000 pieces each.

They all embody that distinctive look and feel of the BBC's Doctor Who, the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world.

The Twilight Zone : Journey to another dimension with articulated, 1970s-style, black-and-white action figures and bobble heads based on fan-favorite episodes of the iconic TV series and licensed from CBS Consumer Products. This Comic-Con Exclusive Bob Wilson / Don Carter Deluxe Figure ($30) sports an 8-inch scale retro-style EMCE Toys body and an all-new head sculpt officially approved by William Shatner. It's a limited edition of just 1,500 pieces that comes with two sets of fabric clothing and accessories to recreate two legendary episodes in which William Shatner starred.

Also making their debut at SDCC are all-new The Venusian, Invader, Doctor Bernardi, and Henry Bemis Action Figures. Each is a limited edition of 1,704 pieces. (Sold separately, $20 each)

The Comic-Con Exclusive Icons of The Twilight Zone Bobble Head ($15) is fashioned of resin and measures about 5-inches tall. It presents five unforgettable symbols synonymous with Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone: clock, swirl, eyeball, spaceship, and E=mc2... and three of them float and bobble! Plus, this 8 5/8-inch wide Rod Serling Tin Tote ($15) is a limited product debut of 1,500 pieces that features series-specific black-and-white artwork and a famous quote.

Watch for the SDCC debut of the series-accurate black-and-white Talky Tina Doll Replica. This eerily lifelike reproduction is a 1,000-piece limited edition that stands 18-inches tall and features fabric clothing, rooted hair, and eyelids that open and close. Tina also speaks five authentic phrases from the spine-chilling "Living Doll" episode of The Twilight Zone. But don't worry, she's only an innocent talking replica... or is she? ($140)

The Venture Brothers : Created in conjunction with EMCE Toys, Bif Bang Pow!'s line of first-ever action figures from Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. rolls on with the release of the must-have Comic-Con Exclusive Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. with Tin Tote ($45), and the debut of these Dr. Girlfriend, Hank, Dr. Orpheus, and Phantom Limb Action Figures (sold separately, $20 each). The exclusive is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces, while the debuts are limited to 3,000 pieces each.

All six 8-inch scale figures are articulated in a 1970s retro style. Complete with accessories, they bring sensational detail and authentic fabric clothing, and each captures that distinctive action-comedy mix that's synonymous with the top-rated television series. The tote measures 8 5/8-inches wide and features episode-specific artwork that is 100% new and was commissioned by the show's artists, Stephen DeStefano and Liz Artinian.

NCIS : Actress Pauley Perrette is Abby Sciuto in this 7-inch tall resin bobble head of the irreverent young Goth-girl lab tech from the triumphant CBS series NCIS. Dressed as only Abby can dress, and licensed from CBS Consumer Products, the NCIS Abby Sciuto Bobble Head is a SDCC debut and a must-have for any NCIS addict! ($15)

Eastbound and Down : Made of resin and measuring approximately 6 3/4-inches tall, HBO® hit comedy series Eastbound and Down®'s Kenny Powers appears on his The Panty Dropper Jet Ski wearing sunglasses and a white jacket with "Flama Blanca" on the back in this unbelievable Kenny Powers White Suit Bobble Head. Maybe he really is "better than everyone else in the world"! ($15)

Lost : Celebrate the end of an era with brand-new collectibles from ABC's mega-popular TV series Lost. This sensational SDCC Exclusive Lost Polar Bear Bobble Head is crafted of resin and measures about 5 1/2-inches long. Wearing a Dharma Initiative collar, it features the unlikely island inhabitant in superb detail with an incredible themed base that includes a cage wall and fish biscuit! ($15)

And don't miss the debut of the much-anticipated Sawyer, Juliet, Jack, Sayid, Miles, and Claire Action Figures from Bif Bang Pow! Standing on an retro-style EMCE Toys 8-inch scale body with multiple points of articulation and series-authentic fabric clothing, each vintage-style figure is a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces. They're sure to keep the memory of The Island alive! (Sold separately, $20 each)

Dexter : Since 2008, Showtime Network's Emmy-nominated drama series Dexter admirers have flocked to pick up our fantastic exclusives at Comic-Con. Not shying away from our responsibilities, we've upped the ante again this year to bring fans this first-ever 3 3/4-inch Dexter action figure! The plastic Dexter Dark Defender 3 3/4-Inch Comic-Con Exclusive Figure is a very limited edition of 3,000 pieces that features 10 points of articulation and comes with an awesome blood-slide accessory. ($15)

"Our incredible fan-base demands it, and Bif Bang Pow! delivers," said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow! "Once again, we've kept our word and are bringing to SDCC 2011 a more amazing panoply of product exclusives and debuts than ever before, plus two brand-new licenses that promise even more excitement in the future. Join us in San Diego, July 21-24, for tons of fun and madness at Comic-Con 2011!"

Pre-Order all your Bif Bang Pow goodies at Entertainment Earth!

CLICK HERE for a closer look at each exclusive and a sneak peek at some upcoming toys from Lost, Doctor Who, Venture Brothers and more!

DC Comics Pushes the NEW 52 ...HARD

If this were the 90's, I'd say this move from DC Comics is XTREEEEEEME!!! I had to go there. A new video was just posted by the fanatical folks at BleedingCool and one thing seems abundantly clear.. DC Comics is hot for your cash and they are setting out to revamp their whole universe to get it. SO DEEP is their love for your hard won sawbucks, they will rewrite history to get you on board. Of course this raises several questions.

1. If you make the past of a character irrelevant, is he still that character? In my opinion..No. I love Batman as much as the next slightly more than casual fan, but when Dick Grayson put on the suit, they wrote him differently. Why? Because he isn't the same Batman. He is impetuous, tends to let his fists do the talking and isn't quite as quick on the uptake as Bruce Wayne was. This is not the "World's Greatest Detective." Call it what you will, but it isn't the Batman I enjoyed reading in Hush and even The Dark Knight, so I jumped ship. Now you tell me you are going to rewrite the entire universe, making everything "fresh and young and relevant to the modern world." This says to me that anything I liked about the DCU is going to be wiped clean, making any pre-revamp comic buying somewhat pointless and causing me to wait and see what is said about the post comicpocalypse world. Odd strategy. This leads right into question 2.

2. I was pretty much clear of buying of all but a couple of DC titles (Hellblazer among them). I collected Justice league until they suddenly made Green Arrow a killer. I collected Nightwing until he became Batman. You might say violent shifts in a story were not for me. Now DC is making it fully public that they are after a new breed of comic reader. Actually they have said they are after people that don't read comics at all. Where does that leave me?

3. With the not-so-hot box office of Green Lantern, the pre-cancelation of the Wonderwoman TV show, the horrific ending to Smallville and what seems to be great difficulty in getting further DC Comics related media projects up and running, it looks as if Warner Brothers has mandated that their comic universe be similar to a more successful universe that keeps churning out hit movies. A universe more like ours. Less Fantastic. Maybe more gritty. Perhaps a little younger to score that expendable tween pocket change. One might say they want to create something to Marvel at, hmm?

So what's next? Do we find out Metropolis and Gotham City are no more because that is purely fantasy? I'm open to new ideas and a fresh perspective, and God knows the way things were being done weren't working spectacularly, but to have the DC Execs step forward and say the world you know and loved is not for you anymore is saddening. Have we all forgotten the Heroes Reborn fiasco? In the scheme of things, this earth shaking revamp business happens all the time. In this case, my gut is saying DC have made a huge mistake. Do I want them to fail? Not even a little. If they can get kids buying comics again, that is good for everyone. I just don't think they had to tear apart my old comics to do so.

A Brief History of Green Lantern Figures: Justice League Unlimited

Annnnnnnnnnd we're back! Sorry for the delay. There is far too much geek going on this Summer. We continue our stroll down the pegs of Green Lantern plastics with a focus on the Justice League Unlimited figure series, which is winding down this year before coming to a sad but inevitable close. We had a great run! This is a love/hate line for most die hard fans. We love them because they are awesome representations of the Bruce Timm designed DC Universe in its animated form. We hate them because a good 50% of them can't stand up or stay all. They made figures stands just for that reason, correct? That would be great, if all the figures had peg holes in their feet! I can also gripe about the ever increasing prices, but this isn't a pity party. This is a TOYPALOOZA!! WOOO! Let's celebrate the animated Green Lantern Corps, shall we? Here's the lineup...

John Stewart - The chosen Green Lantern of the slightly multi-cultural Justice League from the start, John brought a strict, somewhat militant vibe to the group. This allowed Flash to embrace the roll of "funny guy" as well as wild card, without any scene stealing a Hal Jordan may have inadvertently caused. As a core member, John has had many action figures over the course of the line, but few offered anything profoundly different from previous entries. Painted symbol, inlaid symbol, sculpted symbol...TECHNO GOD!! Occasionally we'd get a deluxe GL with awesome constructs, but all too often, he was left powerless in the package. (I realize now, that sentence is awesome.) Aside from the techno look, evil Green Lantern of the alternate Earth Justice Lords, and a bit of articulation in the arms and legs treated to the core members, the majority of his figures are either with hair or without. Choose your favorite ladies!

Kilowog - The massive and memorable alien star of the Corps, recently featured in the film and given an oh so puny body for his figure. Mattel bulked this one up a bit, but he is still nowhere as big as he should be. He gets the standard 5 points of articulation in the head, shoulders and hips. Kilowog comes in a 3 pack with Tomar Re and John Stewart as well as single packed with his lantern.

Tomar Re - Another alien in the mix; this figure features the standard Green Lantern chest with slimmer arms and legs and a new head. He appears only in the previously mentioned 3 pack.

Katma Tui - Ahhh..the ladies. When we talk about JLU figures that don't stand at all, we are looking at you. These figures all come packed with a stand for just that reason. Katma is your very standard, very re-used female body. She comes in a 3 pack with Kyle Rayner and Arkis Chummuck. There was a second version of the character with a far more accurate paint job and different costume packed into a second three pack featuring John Stewart and Despero. (sorry no pics of that version I have yet to own.)

Kyle Rayner - So far Kyle is the only other human to make it to the core line of figures. Kyle shares a body with many other figures across the line, with the addition of the obligatory new head. Kyle can be found in the previously mentioned 3 pack as well as a purple backed single pack with his lantern. He is also set to re-surface in a convention exclusive 3 pack with Evil Star and Goldface.

Arkis Chummuck - Hey, kids! It's Kyle again! No, it's just that same body with a new head. Why mess with success? Arkis can only be found in the previously mentioned Kyle/ Katma 3 pack.

Sinestro - Before the yellow light gave him an evil stiffy, Sinestro was part of team green. When the animated film Green Lantern: First Flight was released, Mattel created a 3 pack to celebrate. This is the only place to get Sinestro in his green duds. He has also been released in his silly jester-ish blue and black costume and finally, his killer Yellow Lantern costume, using the same body with reversed arms, which would been a nice touch had they put his ring on the opposite hand. Also included in the exclusive "Origins" 3 pack were Abin Sur and Hal Jordan in his flight uniform. To appease some fans, Mattel made the heads interchangeable so you could put Hal in his GL uniform as well. Why was this a big deal? Read on.

Hal Jordan - The single most important, most recognised Green Lantern of all time. Sure, he wasn't in the show, but you would think he'd at least warrant an action figure for old times sake! Hell, they made Aqua Man in his old school outfit!! Gotta complete the vintage Super Friends, right? Right?! Mattel finally gave Hal some respect in the form of a "employees and friends of Matty" exclusive, no doubt created to make us sob creepy large man tears. And by us I mean me. It wasn't until the release of the Animated film to DVD that we would see him again, this time in his orange flight suit. Three cheers for an original sculpt, but what about our love of Hal in uniform? Never fear!! Pop his head off and put it on Sinestro's body and Hal can finally join the team...sans his mask. ~sigh~ Missed it by that much...

Abin Sur - Recreate the moment where a dying alien hands over a great power to the reckless but heroic Hal Jordan! Yay dying toys. Abin rocks the standard GL body with his new, pink, pop off head. To reiterate, Abin can only be found in the Green Lantern Origins 3 pack with Sinestro and Hal Jordan; an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2009.

MANHUNTERS!! - I do love when Matty makes the bigger guys and keeps them affordable for us. Due to their size, they are among an elite group of JLU figures that don't fall over! The mechanical menace of the cosmos come 2 to a 3 pack with their pal John Stewart alongside. Since people like to army build, finding this pack was exceedingly hard at the time of release. The Manhunters each come with a control rod accessory; a rarity in 3 packs, making the pack even more desirable. How can you resist a Manhunter holding his rod? (you didn't think I'd let that opportunity slide, did you?)

Star Sapphire (not pictured) - There's that skinny female body again. I swear I have this lady somewhere in my collection, but she chose to not show up for the shoot, so I apologize. Women...m'I right? Hal's on again off again girlfriend/evil doer/cosmic hero turns up with Sand and Superman on a purple backed 3 pack. She also got the single pack treatment along with a purple translucent lightning bolt which she used often in no episodes of the show.

CLICK HERE for the full photo shoot and stay tuned for the 6 inch madness!!

True Blood Shape Shifting..Shape..Off?

The new season of True Blood is under way and just try and get everyone to shut up about it!!! The show has a history of violence interwoven with intense sexual situations that often border on the bizarre. Funny or Die prove they are up on their southern vamps, werewolves and other supernatural woodland creatures and capture all that, shall we say, weirdo magic, as they take us behind the curtain to see what it's like to shoot a transformation scene in real time. In prefect True Blood fashion, there is anguish, frustration, twitching and a little bit of pee. Let's watch!

SDCC: Attack of the (other) Clones at Recreator Screening

Werewolves, vampires, superheroes and storm troopers, give way for dangerous doppelgangers at this year's Comic Con when the highly anticipated sci‐fi thriller Recreator hosts a midnight screening Thursday July 23 at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas. Recreator stars Stella Maeve (The Runaways & Gossip Girl,) Alexander Nifong and Jamal Mallory McCree as three friends on a camping trip who discover a secret laboratory and accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that creates their duplicates‐‐clones who are stronger, faster, and better than the original teens and who threaten to kill them and take over their identities. The film co‐stars Star Trek: TNG alum John de Lancie as the mysterious owner of the island where the friends come ashore.

"It's a nightmare scenario," says writer‐director Gregory Orr, who shot the film in the rugged Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and will be on hand after the screening. "The idea of being replaced by someone superior to you, who is you!"

The film was recently awarded Best Picture at Philadelphia's Terror Fest, and praised at the Sci‐Fi London Film Festival where Empire magazine called it, "A witty twist on the mad scientist and teens in peril scenario (and) an enjoyable romp that more than merits a sequel."

During Comic‐Con Recreator will be represented by a team of "lab assistants" who will perform double‐duty handing out fun souvenirs and administering DNA tests. Fans are encouraged to follow us on Twitter @RECREATORmovie for exclusive Comic Con giveaways, news and events.

For more info hit up

Zombify Your Desk with The Walking Dead

It's been a while since we took a look at the zombie collectibles coming soon from McFarlane Toys and NECA (4 months to be exact), so we thought it was time for an update on what you can expect and when with official pictures from both parties. Let us begin the toypocalypse...

McFarlane excited the toy world with their return to the realm of action figure horror they helped spark in the first place. The real worry for the super toy nerds (like myself) was that they would be in a 5 inch format; the scale they have seem to taken a shine to with their HALO figure line. Happily, the lines will be in a 6 inch scale. Sadly, the rest of the zombie action figure world has been in a 7 inch scale (ironically to match McFarlane's Movie Maniacs line), so they'll look a little short. Oh well. You can't deny the level of detail and speaking of which... to pack a little more playability into this line AND remind people who started this plastic gore parade, McFarlane have added their own special effects! Read on!

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Big Chief Studios' Doctor Who Figures

As Who mania just begins to really explode in the states, Big Chief Studios announce a new line of 12" Doctor Who action figures and environments as well as a line of 18 inch mixed media statues. Here's the press bits...

BIG Chief Studios Ltd. is proud to announce a licensing deal with BBC Worldwide to produce a range of high-end collector 1:6 scale figures and 1:4 scale mixed media statues, based on the flagship TV series Doctor Who. The agreement includes rights for both the current series starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and the classic series’, from the very first Doctor William Hartnell, through to David Tennant.

Initial product offerings will include highly detailed 1:6 scale versions of the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). Both figures will be fully articulated for maximum poseability and will feature authentic hand-painted character portraits, finely tailored costuming, signature accessories and themed display bases. To complete the first wave, other popular characters including Rory Williams and River Song will be released.

Key monsters and aliens from the hit TV series will also be released. Additionally themed 1:6 scale dioramas depicting the sets from the show will be introduced for collectors to create displays for their figures.

The Definitive Edition 1:4 scale mixed media statues utilize a blend of non-articulated, pre-posed figurines with authentic character portraits, fabric costuming and themed display bases. Select statues will also include light-up display features. These museum grade pieces will be the ultimate collectable for fans of the Time Lord.

BIG Chief will begin offering the first two character releases in Q4 2011, both direct to consumer via their dedicated website and through select hobby and specialist retailers.

BIG Chief directors Mark Andrews and Tony Leetham said, “We are extremely proud and excited that BBC Worldwide has granted us these rights on such a key and prestigious brand. Everyone in the BIG Chief team are dedicated fans of Doctor Who, committed to delivering great collectable products, which not only celebrates the incredible new series, but also the long heritage of the franchise.”

Richard Hollis, Head of UK Licensing at BBC Worldwide comments: ”Providing unique products for the dedicated fans of Doctor Who is a priority for us, and we are delighted that Big Chief are on board to offer these high-quality and very special sculptures. They are a company who really understand this market and will complement our existing fan ranges perfectly.”

Quick Note: This IS a UK press release, but I suspect that won't stop a company like Sideshow from carrying both formats. They already carry Medicom and Hot Toys and they know a hot property when they see it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - NY Premiere Now Streaming LIVE

Advance word is "Pretty Awesome!" I'm also hearing this may be the first film in some time actually worth seeing in 3D! Whether this is true or not remains to be seen in a matter of hours as the newest instalment of the Transformers franchise hits the big screen. The folks at the studio rigged it so you can watch the festivities in NYC right from the comfort of your comfy chair. Enjoy!

SDCC: Action Figure Xpress's Thundercats, Stormtroopers, NBA and More!

As you may have guessed, the SDCC news is going to get hot n heavy from now on, with retailers, manufacturers and the indie toy makers posting their news all over holy hell and back. THE INTERNETS ARE SWELLING WITH TOYSSSSS!! Now our good buddies at Action Figure Xpress jump in, led by Patrick Wang, the man who DEFIED DEATH to bring you the New Mutants minimates set you'd been crying for. He's just that dedicated.

Ancient spirits of evil transport Mumm-Ra the Ever Living to San Diego Comic Con! - Action Figure Xpress and Icon Heroes debut the villainous Mumm-Ra and SDCC exclusive Ma-Mutt Staction Figures. Captured as he transforms from a wretched corpse to a bloodcurdling force of terror, Mumm-Ra lunges off the screen and into your collection. Designed with burning eyes, billowing cape and bandages, you experience his wrath boil over with rage. The gate fold window box packaging features a special diorama insert of Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress. Measuring a full 9”h x 11”w x 2.5”d on base, this PVC figure is available for $40 exclusively at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

As a special bonus, every Mumm-Ra the Ever Living Staction Figure purchased at SDCC will come with a free exclusive gift: the Ma-Mutt Staction Figure. Measuring 3.5”h x 1.5”w x 2.5”d on base, this staction figure of the faithful companion captures his ferocious snarl while in attack mode.

“A revival of the past is brewing”, said Pat Wang, President. “With the upcoming release of the New Thundercats cartoon, we wanted to help fans relive those pinnacle moments of the classic toons.”

Action Figure Xpress and MINDstyle are pleased to announce the highly anticipated CoolRain NBA Playoffs Box Set - Korean designer CoolRain is famous for his custom, edgy urban creations. Limited to only 300 piece worldwide, this San Diego Comic Con Exclusive set includes the never released NBA MVP Derrick Rose in his home jersey, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, and Amare Stoudemire. These poseable 5” vinyl figures come with miniature Spalding basketballs and interchangeable hands. This NBA Playoffs Box Set is available for $100 exclusively ONLY at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

“On the heels of MINDstyle’s top selling NBA collectible figures comes this NBA Playoffs Box Set”, said Pat Wang, President. “What better way to commemorate the excitement of the playoffs series!”

Thor Stormbreaker Exclusive Marvel Minimates Set - New Minimate box set is scheduled to debut at San Diego Comic-Con! From the pages of Thor comes… “Stormbreaker”! This set commemorates the dynamic Walt Simonson storyline of Thor comic book #337. Alien Beta Ray Bill crossed paths with the God of Thunder, hefted the enchanted hammer Mjolnir and was granted the power of Thor himself. With everyone in the Marvel Universe picking up hammers nowadays, we thought it would be appropriate. Available only at the Action Figure Xpress booth, #3345 for $20.

“Beta Ray Bill has always been one of the most popular fan requested minimates characters”, said Pat Wang, President. “We are happy to team with Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum to offer this set of all new, exclusive characters.”

Action Figure Xpress and Kotobukiya unleash the hottest Star Wars San Diego Comic Con Exclusive: the ArtFX+ Stormtooper Commander Figures Two-Pack - Star Wars fans clamor for stormtoopers and Action Figure Xpress delivers in this exclusive model kit two-pack. Included in every Stormtrooper Commander set are two complete statues, each authentically replicated with exacting attention to detail. Measuring 8” tall, both troopers come with additional interchangeable parts and weapons giving you the flexibility to select from more than 18 recommended poses. As an added feature and like other ArtFx+ releases, magnets are embedded in the feet to allow for effortless display on the supplied bases. This two-pack is available for $90 exclusively at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

“Every Star Wars fan would love to build an army of stormtroopers and this two-pack is a great way to start it off”, said Pat Wang, President. “We love that these snap –to-fit kits are so flexible in poses that you can create your own Star Wars scene.”

More information and pre-orders available at

CLICK HERE for loads more pics!

The Catman Cometh

OH! What's that? Paul is NOT a dirty rotten liar and there IS a Catman figure coming from Mattel? Wow. Amazing. So there's..what...50 guys lined up outside my apartment to say sorry for calling me a photoshopping bastich right now, yes? No? OK then...I'll take your silence as a heartfelt apology.

Once again, from across the water comes news of American plastics!'s board poster Samttary got the scoop on the new additions to the Batman Legacy line with Catman, Retro Batman WITH Batmite and Batgirl. We noticed she is also posed next to the older version of Batgirl, which may have been done for comparison, but it's not like Mattel wouldn't re-issue the figure as a variant. It's very's the same figure after all. I wouldn't get too excited about the motorcycle in the shots though. I highly doubt that comes with the figure. Batgirl is marked for Fall 2011.

Hit up HKFigureClub for lots more pics!

Zach on Monsters

If we teach them young, they will defend us from the monsters when we are old and fragile. The Draculas and the Werewoofs don't get old like us. It's a fact.

SDCC: Lee, McFarlane and Yoshiki's Blood Red Dragon

Stan Lee, Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment (OTCQB: POWN), music superstar and humanitarian Yoshiki, and world renowned comic book artist Todd McFarlane will unveil the debut issue of the highly anticipated comic book series Blood Red Dragon at Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 21, 2011. Lee, McFarlane and Yoshiki, on whom the comic's central superhero is based, will present the first installment of Blood Red Dragon, which features a surprise and first-of-its-kind publishing innovation that combines the unique skills of these three world-renowned artists. Lee, McFarlane, and Yoshiki will join established and respected comic book writer Jon Goff in a panel discussion at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel in the Indigo room on Thursday, July 21st from 1pm-2pm.

Blood Red Dragon Issue #0, the first in the series published by Todd McFarlane Productions, focuses on the origin of an ancient and benevolent force, locked in an epic battle with the dark armies of Oblivion. Creative expression and destiny collide, as once in a generation an individual is born with the potential to unlock the awesome might of the Blood Red Dragon, thus channeling a power beyond comprehension and assuming the mantle of Earth's protector. When agents of Oblivion discover that the key to accessing the Blood Red Dragon's energy lays in music; the melodic heart of the human spirit, they launch a series of violent attacks on musicians across the globe. As he performs in front of a large crowd during the opening show of a massive world tour, drummer and keyboardist Yoshiki comes face-to-face with his destiny, experiencing a transformation that will forever change his life and possibly the fate of the world.

"I am extremely excited about Blood Red Dragon," said Lee. "Yoshiki's exceptional musical abilities, visual flair and passionate humanitarianism make him an amazing and inspiring collaborator and I think readers will experience every bit of that in the comics."

Added Yoshiki, "Working with the one-and-only Stan Lee has been an incredible experience for me. He is truly a genius and one of the best storytellers living today. I'm excited with the results of our efforts and look forward to the response from readers and music lovers around the world."

"Being able to collaborate with creators on a global level is always a thrill," said McFarlane. "Working with two big names, like Yoshiki and Stan Lee, I hope I'm able to add a little bit of my touch to a book that my, Stan's, but most importantly Yoshiki's fans will enjoy. At the same time, I hope this book helps introduce Yoshiki to fans that don't know him on American shores."

SDCC: Mezco's Living Dead Doll Resurrection Set

And now what you've all seemingly been waiting for. THE DOLLS!!! OMG!! THOSE DAMNED DOLLS!!!! Mezco knows you love the spooky little bastards, so we took special care to get all the details on film. Here's the skinny...

The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set returns.

This year Penny, Deadbra Ann, Damien and Inferno have been reimagined with new outfits and glass look eyes.

Each member of this limited edition comes with its own death certificate, and entombed in its own coffin.

This is a non-numbered limited edition item. $225

Mezco's Living Dead Dolls ressurection series is one of the fastest selling summer items produced each year.

As Fangoria reported in itsMay 2011 issue (# 303) demand for the limited editions dolls has at times reached such a fever pitch that it has crashed both phone and internet servers.

This set will premiere at the world famous San Diego Comic Con, but is also available for pre-order at:

CLICK HERE for more images of your favorite undead kiddies!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meaning of Robots AKA Robosex Awakening

In this frightening world we live in, it seems very easy to pick up half a dozen a phobias and/or OCDs. I, myself, find it hard to eat a breakfast plate without having a taste of each thing on the fork at the same time. Eggs, sausage, hash browns and into the mouth. I do the math as I eat so I don't wind up with any one taste. It's a little weird, but that's just me. Segway to the strange case of Michael Sullivan. Described as a "gentle genius" by his long time friend Larry Hama (aka the father of all G.I.Joes); Michael set out to make a movie about robots in the heat of battle and somewhere along the way, it occurred to him it was a sex movie. I'll give you a moment to re-read that last sentence. Since that time, Michael has been living a hoarder's life, spending his days making robots.. with genitalia.. and robot horses.. also with genitalia.. and swims in a thought that one day it will be time to shoot a truly bizarre, but certainly epic movie. I am positive it will be epic, as Michael isn't just some cook. His creations are incredibly detailed and in their own right, beautiful. Apparently, many others thought so and back in 2007, they gave him an art show featuring dioramas of his illicit clockwork actors at the best place for such a thing.. The Museum of Sex. Here's a sneak peek at the movie itself, Via after YouTube pulled it. Although NONE of this is sexy (unless you are among the 10% of twisted bastards I cater to none the less), suffice to say, it is not safe for work.

Flash forward to today and Michael is still quietly building his sexified robo army that now numbers into the hundreds. Film maker Matt Lenski shares our fascination for the man and his pursuits and captured a moment of the artist's life.

Meaning of Robots from Matt Lenski on Vimeo.

File this story under "believe it or's toy related."

SDCC: The Sexy Super Women of Kotobukiya

For those new to this format, you need only know one thing. Bishoujo = Hotty Anime Girl. That's not a direct translation, but it doesn't make it any less true. This year, Kotobukiya keeps building their world dominating sexy anime lady line with two exclusive variants for San Diego Comic Con...

Marvel Comics Invisible Woman SDCC 2011 Exclusive Bishoujo Statue: MARVEL INVISIBLE WOMAN SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE BISHOUJO STATUE A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya is proud to present its convention exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2011, a new variant edition of the hit Marvel Comics Fantastic Four bishoujo statue: INVISIBLE WOMAN SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE! In the first issue of Fantastic Four in 1961 Sue Storm was a member of Reed Richards’ doomed spaceflight that encountered cosmic radiation, imbuing the four humans onboard with strange abilities. With powers of invisibility and force field creation, Sue became the Invisible Woman (though at first she was the Invisible “Girl”) and a core member of the Fantastic Four! The first version of the character in the amazing Marvel Bishoujo collection (combining iconic superheroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) captured the character in her modern outfit with special translucent effects. Now Sue Storm is back again featuring her classic 1980s costume and some great special features, all based on an original character reinterpretation by illustrator Shunya Yamashita!

Purchase limits of 1 per person will be in effect and preorders will ship after Comic-Con.

Stands just over 9 inches tall. Scale 1/7th

This exclusive version is limited to just 500 pieces. $59.99

This is a SDCC 2011 exclusive with limited availability to fan who are Not-Attending Comic-Con 2011

DC Comics Evil Supergirl SDCC 2011 Exclusive Bishoujo Statue: A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Coming this summer is a limited edition variant of one of the hottest DC Comics Bishoujo Statues yet! The hit line combining DC’s most beautiful female characters with traditional Japanese stylings has seen plenty of heroines, so it’s time to go bad with EVIL SUPERGIRL LIMITED EDITION! While there have been various incarnations of the character throughout the years, the current one has taken the world by storm. Reintroduced to the world in 2004, Kara Zor-El is the Kryptonian cousin of Superman and has all of the same superpowers. In 2005’s Supergirl #5, Lex Luthor used a Black Kryptonite ray to create a duplicate, evil version of the heroic Supergirl. While the two would later re-assemble with the help of Wonder Woman, Kara’s evil alter ego gained instant fame for her bad attitude and sexy look. Evil Supergirl is based on a design by illustrator Shunya Yamashita, Japan’s leading bishoujo artist known for his art books, video game work, and multiple figural collaborations with Kotobukiya.

Based on the current “New Earth” version of the character and costume and inspired by Supergirl #5, Evil Supergirl arrives on the scene literally floating in the clouds! Dressed in her malevolent two piece black, silver, and vermilion outfit consisting of a very short skirt and midriff-baring top along with knee-length boots, the young Kryptonian proves that bad can look oh so good. Evil Supergirl flies on top of a small cloud formation, twisting to look behind her (and in the process showing off her long legs and just a peek at her silver panties). She’s even joined by an evil, black caped version of her faithful kitty companion Streaky the Supercat! Supergirl’s beautiful flowing blonde hair is further accented by translucent material, and perfectly frames her Bishoujo-styled face with its new yellow eyes and dark makeup.

Early premiere release! Purchase limits of 1 per person will be in effect and preorders will ship after Comic-Con.

Constructed of high-quality pvc. Standing nearly 10 inches tall. Scale ultimate 1/7. Sculpted by Masahiro “Gill Gill” Takahashi.

With a limited run starting with a 360 piece pre-sale at San Diego Comic-Con, this dark beauty won’t be around for long! $59.99

Watch for news on when you can pre-order these anime vixens.

CLICK HERE for more images of the newest Bishoujo statues!

SDCC: Mezco's 13th Anniversary Sadie

Adding to the ranks of the creepy, cute and cool (a category Mezco seems to excel in) comes Sadie, your favorite Living Dead Doll. She's all ready for a party, but I suspect it would look something like diner during Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Here's the press bits...

Risen from her grave and celebrating the big 13th Anniversary of Living Dead Dolls is Sadie.
The first Living Dead Doll joins the festivities in a black and white party dress with party hat.

She comes in a special 13th anniversary coffin.

This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD. $45

Sadie will premiere at the world famous San Diego Comic Con, but is also available for pre-order at!

CLICK HERE for more pics of this creepy little girl!

SDCC: Mezco's SackBoy Set

Back into our closer look at Mezco's Summer Exclusives with a pair of action figures who are creepy and cute all at once. He's SACKBOY!! ..and he doesn't do porn. Little Big Planet's star hits the big time in his own San Diego Comic Con t shirt. Here's the skinny...Link
Mezco continues its adventures in the universe of Little Big Planet as it reaches into the magical world of LittleBigPlanet and brings SackBoy to life with two new Summer Exclusives.

*Blue Denim Sackboy
*Beige Denim Sackboy

Both feature a yellow hat and black shirt with the famous San Diego Comic- Con logo. Each character is separately packaged and features 7 points of articulation including a ball jointed head, swivel wrists and hips and pegged and hinged shoulders. As you can see that is an actual mini t shirt and the hat comes off as well.

You can pre-order your Sack Boy Pack at!

CLICK HERE for the rest of the SackBoy Gallery! At this point, it must be clear to you that I love saying SackBoy. I'm very transparent.