Wednesday, November 23, 2022

FISHBONE Angelo Moore LE Statue Up For Pre-order

Aggronautix FISHBONE Angelo Moore LE Statue

Angelo Moore, frontman of the legendary FISHBONE, is now available as a limited edition collectible statue.

The statue is limited to 500 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of solid polyresin.

Sporting his signature style, Angelo grips the mic with intention as his sax swings from his neck awaiting the full funk assault.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Galactus: The Devourer of Worlds Has Come

Hasbro Marvel Comics Galactus Action Figure 012
What will surely go down as one of the best action figures ever made has finally arrived at the doorsteps of die hard Marvel collectors, action figure aficionados and those with 400 bucks to blow on a once in a life time toy project. That year long gamble and half a rent check, in my opinion, is well worth it when you slide all 3 feet of Galactus out of his box and are reminded there are three Marvel Legends heralds packed right along side him. His eyes light up, his chest and head piece blinds and each finger moves in every direction an imaginative or juvenile mind could imagine. You've seen many pictures of this behemoth already, most of which depicted Galactus as a newly adopted child going on many, many suburban adventures (and conquering toilet challenges), as well as those all important video reviews, so we'll skip all that gushing and go right for the eye candy. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Crunchyroll Bringing World Premiere of TRIGUN STAMPEDE to Anime NYC

Crunchyroll Trigun Stampede Anime

Crunchyroll, a global leader in providing fans with the ultimate anime experiences, will bring Vash’s signature brand of love and peace to Anime NYC with the World Premiere of TRIGUN STAMPEDE, giving badge holders the first chance to see the highly anticipated reimagining of the classic series TRIGUN by Studio Orange.

Join Crunchyroll and Studio Orange for an EXCLUSIVE screening of the first episode of TRIGUN STAMPEDE, hear from the creative staff at Studio Orange in a special Q&A session, and see some exclusive new materials from the show! TRIGUN STAMPEDE will stream exclusively on Crunchyroll in January 2023.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Spider-Punk Joins the Cinematic Spider-Verse

Hasbro Marvel Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Spider-Punk 6 inch action figure 03
It will come as no surprise to avid toy collectors that the British punk rock web-slinger will make his big screen debut in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, considering his guitar has been sitting on toy aisle shelves for some time now, but we had not seen his animated look...UNTIL NOW!! Thanks to ordering info on retailer websites, we can now see every spike, safety pin, and frayed edge.

Monday, October 10, 2022

NYCC 2022: Handmade By Robots Pushes the Cuteness Boundaries

NYCC 2022 Handmade By Robots Vinyl Figures 12

They've got visible stitching, but they aren't stitched. They've got squishy-looking bodies, but they remain squishless! They've got little buttons for eyes and yet, IT'S ALL AN ILLUSION!! Everything about "Handmade By Robots" adorable creations screams "craft project", but it's all just a super clever art style used to make vinyl pop culture figures that no one ever thought of before. ..well..except for Sack Boy. Since we first spotted them at a Toy Fair booth many years ago, the company has grown into its own and boasts a wide array of characters you'd never think of making cute..from Robocop to Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Amazing. Check out everything Meghan Lee saw at their booth at New York Comic Con...

Sunday, October 9, 2022

NYCC 2022: Playmobil Shows Naruto, A-Team & New Star Trek

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Playmobil has been hitting it out of the park with their licensed toy lines re-imagined in the signature art style of the Plamobilian Peoples. For me, the two highest points have been Ghostbusters and Scooby-Doo, which lent themselves exceptionally well to the redesign. Ghostbusters in particular had so much potential that I hope the crew will go back to the license and explore the Real Ghostbusters cartoon universe and their endless legions of ghosts, demons, and unforgettable legendary nightmares. IT'S ON MY WISH LIST! While these items are not on the schedule (so far), we did get a look at what's to come in the next few months at New York Comic Con 2022.

Friday, October 7, 2022

NYCC 2022: Crunchyroll Panel Announcements

At the Crunchyroll Industry panel at New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll made a series of announcements across streaming, eCommerce, and Crunchyroll Games. 


Revenger (Nitroplus)

Date: Coming Soon

Synopsis: As master assassin, Usui Yuen looks into a series of assassinations made on the grand samurai clan, the Satsuma, he encounters Kurima Raizo, member and survivor of one of the attacks. Together, they discover the true nature of these murders is bigger than stolen resources. As they get closer to the truth, will they come out alive to exact revenge?

NYCC 2022: Good Omens Season 2 to Debut Summer 2023

Good Omens Season 2 on Prime Video at New York Comic Con 2022

Meghan Lee is running through New York Comic Con soaking up all the geek-loving every booth has to offer, and in between her hunt for newsworthy fun, she takes breaks sitting in on panels for her favorite TV and movie projects! This morning offered some precious moments with Neil Gaiman and the cast of Good Omens as they discussed the highs and pitfalls of exploring heaven and hell's legions. In attendance were Douglas Mackinnon, Rob Wilkins, Maggie Service, Nina Sosanya, Quelin Sepulveda, and, of course, Neil, himself.

NYCC 2022: Ghostrider's Engine of Vengeance @ Marvel

NYCC 2022 Marvel Legends Ghostrider Engine of Vengeance 008
New York Comic Con is in full swing as we speak, with the largest geek-fest on the East Coast finding its sea legs in a post-Covid-lockdown world. While the vibe is said to be significantly different, the enthusiasm of fans hungry to celebrate their fandoms and visit with long-missed friends is evident in every corner of the massive halls. One such missed brother is Matt Booker of the UK based, who sent in these pictures of the latest Hasbro Pulse funding project known as GHOST RIDER: ENGINE OF VENGEANCE. Since the project's launch, Hasbro has added the hellish fiend Mephisto and the Goblin Queen action figures to sweeten the pot. Check out the project details...

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Quantum Mechanix Announces New "Adorkables" Product Line & Bat Family Return

Quantum Mechanix Batman Family Classic Q-Master Statue
Quantum Mechanix (QMx), creator of pop culture collectibles, unveiled a special variant of their fan-favorite Batman: Family Q-Master which features the Dark Knight surrounded by chibi-styled characters Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson. This exclusive limited edition variant is called Batman: Family Classic Q-Master and has reimagined Batman in his classic blue outfit and unmasked the Red Hood on Batman's shoulder to reveal Jason Todd with a shock of white streaked in his hair. Each figure comes in premium packaging with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Much like its predecessor, it is expected to sell out quickly.