Monday, November 30, 2015

Captain America: Civil War Trailer.. The Bromance Version

After a big trailer comes out, people like to remix it...add their snarky remarks, gushing praise and/or geek fueled hate..add LEGOs (or remake the whole damn thing in LEGOs..which is always awesome and preferable) and take that unique experience to a new level. Today, a creative man named Anthony Meadows decided the ultimate super powered Bromance love triangle needed just a bit more emo. Adele's new hit song "Hello" fit the bill perfectly. Watch as all your feels are ripped asunder...

A New Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser

File this one under WTF DID I JUST WATCH!! Which raises several questions we will list after you've had your fill of sweet sweet DC movie eye candy...

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday, December 2nd, at 11:35 / 10:35 CT for the worldwide debut of the new #BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Here's an exclusive sneak.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Artwork Revealed

On Tuesday, December 8th, Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two arrives exclusively at Amazon with all new bonus content, film replicas and more. In addition, each film features custom disc sleeves from artist Matt Ferguson.

To recap, The limited edition, 13-Disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection invites you to hold the greatest power in the cosmos in your grasp – an orb containing one of the legendary Infinity Stones! Plus Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray™ and Digital Copies of all Phase 2 films, in collectible packaging designed by artist Matt Ferguson. This set overflows with stunning Marvel memorabilia, including a gold-foiled page from the book of Dark Elves, an ancient drawing from the Morag vault, Avengers and S.T.R.I.K.E. uniform patches, a replica of the Tony Stark Tattoo from Marvel’s Iron Man 3, and much more!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Loot Crate Unveils Star Wars, Doctor Who and Call of Duty Crates + 2 New Subs

Get ready to geek out and gear up this season, as Loot Crate™, the company behind the Loot Crate and Level Up monthly subscription services for geeks, gamers and pop culture lovers, today revealed its largest and most diverse holiday lineup to-date. Several new Limited Edition crates celebrate some of the biggest brands in the world, including Star Wars™ ($100.00, on sale on Cyber Monday, November 30), Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Limited Edition Crate ($100.00, on sale November 23), and Doctor Who ($50.00, on sale November 20). All prices include shipping and handling.

Mythic Coloring Book with Charles Vess & Michael Kaluta

Faerie Magazine is thrilled to present MYTHIC COLORING BOOK (November 19, 2015), a lush, 128-page coloring book from these two legendary artists—two books in one, filled with giants, dragons, mermaids, talking crows, faeries, fairy tales, enchanted forests, and midsummer nights’ dreams ...

Charles Vess is an award-winning artist whose work has graced the covers and interior pages of many publications include two New-York-Times-bestselling picture books penned by Neil Gaiman, Blueberry Girl and Instructions. Most recently, he collaborated with Charles de Lint on The Cats of Tanglewood Forest and Seven Wild Sisters. “I’ve always been happiest,” he says, “drawing scenes set deep within that elemental greenwood where fairies, giants, mermaids, and dragons all became my best friends and have remained so to this day.”

Yuna and her Dream BIG Friends; The Alternative to the Pink Isle

The discussions have been raging. While Barbie is a staple of many a childhood across the US, she's been consistently falling short in appealing to modern audiences. As I see it, Barbie has one essential flaw. Barbie tells you what she is, and what her friends are, and then tells children to be like her. This being the case, many parents have been on the lookout for a doll who might encourage their children to be the bright shining pinpoints of light they know well, times 100! Today, that doll just may have appeared on Kickstarter!

Meet Yuna. She's the first doll in a line called Dream BIG Friends, brought to us by toy industry vets David Horvath and Sun Min (Award Winning Designers of Uglydoll) and Klim Kozinevich (Creative Director of Bigshot Toyworks who designs for Hasbro, Kid Robot, Sideshow, Mondo and countless others). You know that Iron Giant we've been drooling over from Mondo? Bigshot made that! You can see...we are in good hands.

Jean St. Jean's Cryptid Invasion Hits Before Christmas

Across the frozen wastes of the northern most reaches of the globe, through the primeval forests and valleys, lurking in the darkest recesses of man’s forgotten histories, the creatures of nightmare and legend are shambling out of the shadows to reclaim a world that has forgotten the true meaning of fear…

Creatureplica, the toy world’s newest purveyor of original monster creations is full bore into their series one pre-order! As production revs into high gear they’ve released packaged pics of the Himalayan Yeti, North American Sasquatch, Louisiana RuGarou, and HorrorHound, and teased a wave of variants to follow series one throughout 2016.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Warpo's Don't Cuddle the Krampus!

Warpo has been making a name for themselves among hardcore and casual toy collectors alike with their Legends of Cthulhu project. From Kickstarter success story to a distribution deal with Diamond, their eye for detail coupled with a heavy, obvious love for all things retro is making them one of my new favorite toy companies. As their mega Cthulhu figure ships out across the planet, they thought it was time to show off the next big thing...DON'T CUDDLE THE KRAMPUS!!

We took some time to talk with Bryan Katzel, President of Warpo, to find out how success is treating them, how many human sacrifices were involved in that success and most important of all, the details on their next killer project.

NECA Announcing a New Product Line at the New Jersey Comic Expo

New Jersey based licensed merchandise giants National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), are set to showcase at the inaugural New Jersey Comic Expo on November 21st and 22nd at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison.

NECA will be exhibiting at the expo, as well as presenting a panel, and plan on giving attendees a great and exclusive look into what makes them leaders in the marketplace. Fans can get their hands on some rare warehouse finds, as well as out of print/production items and some highly sought after items previously exclusive to SDCC such as figures from their leading lines of Predator, Pacific Rim, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Newer, Creepier Trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones

The comic was called a time when there was a TV show called Alias...probably not the most inspired choice. This being the case, a lot of people passed over the book without even a backward glance...unless I yelled at them about how amazing it is until they were sick of hearing me gush. When Marvel Studios picked their grittiest band of heroes to bring to Netflix, it was clear, Jessica Jones' time had come. Now..the first trailer was pretty bad ass. It gave you all the beats to pick up the story, but didn't really convey the a new audience or to fans of the comic. Would they make her one of the first Avengers wash outs to bring her closer to her comic book roots? Would they even touch on the horrific ways Jessica was violated, making her the broken woman she is when we meet her? Today, a new trailer has dropped fleshing out exactly why you should be afraid of a comic book character with a ridiculous name like "The Purple Man"!