Thursday, April 29, 2021

Josie & The Pussycats Movie Cast Reunite for Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special

The Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special
The Robot Chicken and Archie Comics universes will collide once again for the 20th anniversary of Josie and the Pussycats. The Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special will broadcast on Adult Swim on May 23. 

Archie faces the action-packed return of Josie and the Pussycats from outer space to Riverdale in this animated comedy. Featuring the origin of Archie Andrews as only the Robot Chicken writers can tell it! Plus, wacky shenanigans!



15 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT BIGFOOT (#1 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!) is coming to VOD on May 7th after a run in virtual theaters.

15 THINGS follows millennial vlogger Brian (Brian Emond) who works at a glossy clickbait news site. Recently passed over for a promotion, Brian is assigned to go to the mountains of North Georgia to produce a piece about the search for Bigfoot, guided by cryptid-rockstar Jeffrey (Jeffrey Stephenson). Brian initially thinks Jeffrey is a crackpot, but after they experience a mysterious sighting, he starts to think he actually might have the story of a lifetime. 

Boss Fight and Extreme-Sets Team for 1:18 Dioramas

Boss Fight Extreme-Sets Series Z Streetscape 1:18 Scale Dio

Boss Fight Studio
 have no shortage of love thrown at them from a toy collecting community sorely underserved in the 1:18 scale category. With mythical monsters, historic warriors and everything in between under their belts, it was only a matter of time before the crew looked to expand their products to service toy photographers and fans of playsets in one fell swoop. Teaming up with master diorama crafters Extreme-Sets was the perfect step forward. Here's the skinny on two new sets coming soon...

Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE Renewed for 2 More Seasons

Invincible Season Finale
In advance of its highly anticipated April 30 Season 1 finale, Amazon Studios today announced it has renewed Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead) hour-long, adult animated series Invincible for a second and third season. Season 2 and Season 3 will exclusively stream on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Glacier Glow Ectopod by TNT Plastic

Glacier Glow Ectopod by TNT Plastic
This spectral cephalopod may be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. The third character from TNT Plastic and first sculpt from resin artist, Iron Doc Sampson, the ‘ectopod’ makes its debut at Tenacious Toys in a glossy Glacier Glow colorway!

TNT writes: "This piece was produced in-house by TNT Plastic and we couldn’t think of a better place for it to premiere than Tenacious Toys. Please join us in giving these spirits a second chance at life, on your shelf!"

Masters Of The Universe Real-World Power Sword Revealed

Factory Entertainment Masters Of The Universe Real-World Power Sword 1
Collectibles company Factory Entertainment announced today an addition to its ever expanding line of premium prop replicas; a real-world He-Man Power Sword from Masters Of The Universe.

"Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said… BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!” Prince Adam

Based on the small plastic sword that accompanied the original He-Man action figure, Factory Entertainment’s artisans reimagined the famous accessory and have forged a stunning artifact that bridges the realms of fantasy and reality.

Two Teens with Down Syndrome Made Their Dream Zombie Movie

Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie
What happens when two best friends with Down syndrome rally their hometown of Providence to help realize their dream of making a horror film? The documentary Sam & Mattie Make a Zombie Movie captures this inspiring story of unfiltered optimism and barrier breaking, overflowing with gallons of fake blood and DIY spirit. Sam & Mattie Make a Zombie Movie is now available on a number of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play, Spectrum and Cox from Gravitas Ventures.

“I don’t think I’ve ever smiled more while watching a movie in my life,” says Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Farrelly (Green Book), who serves as executive producer. “Sam and Mattie are superstars!”

Since they met at the Special Olympics, Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt have forged an unbreakable bond fueled by their passion for movies. Sam and Mattie pitched their idea of the ultimate cinematic experience to all who would listen: a racy teen zombie flick they proudly proclaimed would be “the greatest movie ever,” exploding with sex, gore, and more over-the-top violence than you can shake a machete at.

The Circle Jerks "Skank Man" Throbblehead

Circle Jerks "Skank Man" Throbblehead

Aggronautix is pleased to present the Circle Jerks legendary "Skank Man" mascot in Throbblehead form.  The figure is limited to 1000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of a lightweight polyresin.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Harold Schechter and Eric Powell's DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?

Did You Hear What Ed Gein Done? Comic Book

Eric Powell—the legendary creator of comics like The Goon and Hillbilly—and Harold Schechter—the author of true crime classics including Deviant and The Serial Killer Files—are collaborating on an ambitious new graphic novel about one of the most notoriously deranged murderers in American history, Ed Gein. 

Powell and Schechter are co-writing DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?, an all new, 200-page, original graphic novel illustrated by Powell that delves into the twisted history of the Gein family and the notorious violence that inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the Lambs. Painstakingly researched and illustrated, Schechter and Powell’s true-crime graphic novel presents Gein’s infamous story like never before.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Vannen Madballs Watches Up For Pre-order April 30

Vannen Limited Edition Madball Watches

Every day that a new company picks up a license for Madballs is a day to celebrate. Remember when three companies were making Madball toys at the same time a couple of years back??!! Those were insane and excellent times. Now, we await the drop of two limited edition watches from Vannen, who in the past have given us designs honoring the cult following of movies like Twin Peaks and Star Trek, some of our favorite artists like Alex Pardee and Chris Ryniak and bands like The Aquabats, Bauhaus, All Time Low and The Descendents. These are sure to be epic and very possibly sell out crazy fast!

Limited edition Madballs watches available for pre-order on Friday, April 30 at!

Dread Presents: Benny Loves You

Dread Presents: Benny Loves You

I swear I saw this as a horror short many, many moons ago, but that just goes to show you..YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD HORROR CONCEPT DOWN!! Especially when that idea features a homicidal, Elmo-esque plush toy. Call it silly... call it ham-fisted... but you gotta give credit to a movie that just shows you the killer in broad daylight, upfront, and just goes for it. 

After the accidental death of his parents, Jack’s comfortable lifestyle comes to an end and he must sell his family home. Desperate to improve his life, Jack throws out his childhood belongings including his beloved plush, Benny. It’s a move that has disastrous consequences when Benny springs to life with deadly intentions!

Marvel Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Aliens with ALIENS: AFTERMATH #1


This July, Marvel Comics will honor the 35th Anniversary of Aliens with a special one-shot by writer Benjamin Percy(Wolverine, X-Force) and artist Dave Wachter(Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon). Celebrating one of the most influential science-fiction films of all time, ALIENS: AFTERMATH #1 will be a double-sized issue featuring an all-new story set in the same terrifying universe of Aliens. The action will take place at Hadley’s Hope and present a terrifying possible future for LV-426, the location of the groundbreaking 1986 film.

It’s been 35 years since the tragedy of the Hadley’s Hope colony, but what happened during that ill-fated venture has been shrouded in mystery. A renegade crew of investigative journalists are heading towards the moon that Weyland-Yutani has wiped from all records, and they’ll bring back the truth even if it kills them…and what remains in that bombed-out site will try to do just that. Here’s what Percy had to say about penning this new saga:

The First 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie
From New Line Cinema comes the explosive new cinematic adventure “Mortal Kombat,” inspired by the blockbuster video game franchise, which most recently enjoyed the most successful video game launch in its history, Mortal Kombat 11.  The film is helmed by award-winning Australian commercial filmmaker Simon McQuoid, marking his feature directorial debut, and produced by James Wan (“The Conjuring” universe films, “Aquaman,”), Todd Garner (“Into the Storm,” “Tag”), McQuoid and E. Bennett Walsh (“Men in Black: International,” “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”).  

Friday, April 16, 2021

Ape Canyon: A Cryptozoological Dramedy

Ape Canyon movie poster
When your life is at an impasse, head to the woods and look for Bigfoot. Joshua Land's Ape Canyon follows Cal Piker, a commercial artist on the verge of an implosion. He won’t say why, but he needs to find Ape Canyon, and he needs his big sister Samantha to save him from the increasingly reckless things he will do to get there. Jackson Trent (Bad Witch) and Anna Fagan (I Like Me) headline the zoological cryptid dramedy as two siblings who join a motley crew on an expedition to find one of the hairiest myths. Indie Rights will release Ape Canyon April 16 on a number of digital and cable platforms.

Counting, Colors & Cthulhu

Counting, Colors & Cthulhu Book Kickstarter

Counting, Colors & Cthulhu, the third in a trilogy of Lovecraftian-themed children's board books by the C is for Cthulhu team, this week cracked the top 20 all-time most funded children's books in Kickstarter history.

After an explosive launch day that raised over $30,000 in funding from the support of more than 500 backers, the new book has continued to climb the charts. Promising a beautifully illustrated, premium board book that teaches numbers and colors using adorable Lovecraft inspired monsters, Counting, Colors & Cthulhu is the latest from Eisner-nominated author Jason Ciaramella.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Resident Evil Village Demo, News and More Revealed

Resident Evil Village Stills April Preview
Capcom today aired another information-packed Resident Evil™ Showcase program including new information on the upcoming highly anticipated survivor horror title Resident Evil™ Village and other franchise news. In addition to a new trailer with gameplay footage featuring new enemies and areas of the mysterious village, Capcom confirmed the popular “The Mercenaries” game mode returns with added features in Resident Evil Village. Capcom also confirmed details for the limited time demo coming to all platforms on May 1, with PlayStation players getting early access starting April 17. Celebrations marking the Resident Evil™ 25th anniversary this year also continued with new ways to experience the franchise across several content partners.

Resident Evil is Coming to Dead by Daylight This June

Resident Evil coming to Dead by Daylight
Behaviour InteractiveTM is excited to team up with Capcom to introduce the world of Resident EvilTM into the dark twisted horror universe of its hit asymmetrical 4v1 game: Dead by DaylightTM. The partnership was announced today during Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase livestream. 

The Resident Evil Chapter is coming in June to Dead by Daylight. More details will follow.