Sunday, August 26, 2012

What If: The Thing Retro Action Figures

I would also like a ReAnimator 5 inch figure line with exploding zombies, Dr. Hill with removable head and tongue action and a "find the undead, fucked up cat" playset with many places to launch the cat from! While we are dreaming, lets make Meet the Feebles action figures in scale with Palisades Muppets line..just to see if anyone notices them in your collection...and 3 and 3 quarter inch Slither action figures with a giant Grant Grant playset with moving tentacles and spots on his body you can shove a figure as if he were sucking them in. Ahhhh...dreams.

Consequently, there are a handful of The Thing action figures in a 7 inch, Movie Maniacs scale. SOTA made a McCready vs transforming dogs diorama set and McFarlane made the Norris Creature with Spider/Head and the Blair Monster.

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