Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cyanide & Happiness's "Joking Hazard" Game Up To $1.4M on Kickstarter to say this one is getting funded!

Explosm Entertainment, the creators of Cyanide and Happiness, the #1 animated comedy show on YouTube, and Studio71 have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Joking Hazard, a new card game that will surely hit the public in the gut with laughter and discomfort.

“Joking Hazard is a card game adapted from our popular Random Comic Generator, where everyone competes to finish a three-panel comic, drawing from hundreds and hundreds of random panels. Every comic is unique and you're creating these weird little situations starring two horrible characters. It's never the same comic twice,” said Explosm Entertainment’s Rob DenBleyker, Creator of Cyanide & Happiness.

After millions of comics were generated from the Random Comic Generator and fans started to screen grab and share their own comic strips with friends, Explosm and Studio71 saw the opportunity to create a card game and bring people together in person. 

Explosm Entertainment has cultivated a passionate online following with more than 5.4 million YouTube subscribers and 1 billion views, including a record 117 million monthly views this past August, not to mention more than 877k Instagram followers, 11 million Facebook likes and 167k Twitter followers.

Joking Hazard follows the highly successful The Cyanide and Happiness Show, as well as the popular web comic.

Last year more than 978,000 backers pledged over $144.4 million to Games projects — that’s nearly twice as many people and nearly twice as much pledged money as in 2014. Exploding Kittens, from Elan Lee, Shane Small, and Matthew Inman, became the most backed project in Kickstarter history — and the most funded games project ever — raising nearly $8.8 million from a record-shattering 219,000 backers. For the past several months, the team behind Joking Hazard has received great advice from the creators of both Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens

To check out the game and the rules, or to order the game on Kickstarter, click here:

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