Friday, July 6, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Action Figures Do BATTLE!

Right now, on screens across the globe, The Amazing Spider-Man is getting his ass handed to him by The Lizard...for our viewing pleasure of course. Meanwhile, Diamond Select Toys and Hasbro have cranked out quality collectibles to commemorate the moment and give you ample opportunity to make pew pew noises as you re-enact your favorite battle scenes.

As it is just before San Diego Comic-Con, our time is limited, so we will narrow our focus on a trio of action figures you are sure to be gunning for among the piles released.

First up is the Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man movie Lizard action figure! This scaly psychopath comes in at 8 and a half inches of pure menace with enough articulation to please even the old school Marvel Legends fans. Articulation is everything in a piece like this, as it enhances the range of emotion you can convey with the simple bob of a head or twist of a torso. Lizard can go from "I'm going to skin Peter Parker alive" to "My God...what have I done!!" in seconds. Potential buyers should note I could not find a pose in which Lizard did not need to use his tail for standing..but then again I didn't take an hour to fiddle with it. I'll also add that I felt this figure should have been a little bulkier to match Lizard's massive on screen heft. Regardless, if you are looking for the ULTIMATE Lizard figure in this scale, then look no further. Collectors will surely be seeking him out, especially after Walmart's 6 inch line hits the pegs, as the pair will look fantastic next to each other. Note that Marvel Select has also released an Amazing Spider-Man figure with and without his mask on to round out their movie offerings.

..Which is the perfect segway into Hasbro's 3 and 3 quarter inch line! For your shopping list, we are scoping out the Reptile Blast Lizard and Ultra-Posable Spider-Man action figures. Ultra-Posable Spidey comes packed with over 20 points of articulation to allow for hours of web head battle action for the kiddies. Oddly, neither hand is in the once favored "Thwip" position..or the promised fist in the picture on the package. Instead we have two open hands for holding something not included. When posing, it sort of makes him look like he is doing Shakespeare..which is funny, but unfortunate. I'll also add Spidey's eyes are the wrong color, but that is the perfectionist in me. Still, this may be the figure in the most perfect outfit and with the most articulation and will need him like a ginny needs pasta. Lizard is a sort of take it or leave it situation. He is the quintessential Lizard for the line and necessary for your desktop battle, so you need him too. There's not much articulation there, his looks fall a little short of the packaging image and he could stand to be a little larger to menace over Mr. Parker...but we'll take what we can get. There is another Lizard out there with translucent legs, which after seeing the film makes no sense as he displayed no chameleon-like powers, so it looks like Reptile Blast Lizard is the best we are going to get. For you family types, not that there is a veritable ocean of other Spider-Man figures out there, all sporting cannons, repelling lines and so on, so these may be way more fun for the little ones. Hell, Web Cannon Spider-Man may have a suit nearly as perfect AND the right color eyes!

This trio of plastic seduction can be found on the pegs and at your favorite online retailers now.

Action figure samples provided by Diamond Select and Hasbro, respectively.

CLICK HERE to see the Amazing Spider-Man Movie Minimates line in action!

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