Tuesday, July 3, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Toynami Exclusives

Remember how I keep saying any day now a mountain of exclusives and events news is going to drop on my head? IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET!! Honestly, the suspense is braking my cranium in two...but I'm kept busy by the steady flow of what is actually coming in...which includes Toynami's exclusives today! Toynami always have a wide array of licenses to pluck exclusives from and this year, they seemed to have gone with squishy over plasticy...but there is one action figure hiding in there. Sadly, it isn't from Futurama, as we had speculated the Shogun Warrior Bender might be this year's piece. Sorry Ramafans! Here's what is on tap...

Naruto Nine-Tails' Chakra Mode Action Figure : Naruto is more powerful than ever in Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode! This highly articulated 3 3/4" figure will arrive in your mailbox after the big show!

Angry Panda Plush : Just because you're cute doesn't mean you can't be angry! This adorably furious plush is only available at Comic-Con!

Hello Kitty Chun Li Plush : Celebrate our introduction of our new line of HELLO KITTY plush with the exclusive CHUN LI plush, as seen in STREET FIGHTER ALPHA!

Skelanimals Dark Knight Rises Batman Plush : He's the plush Comic-Con needs, and the one it deserves! The DARK KNIGHT Skelanimals plush is only available at Comic-Con!

Be sure to bookmark THIS LINK to see all the SDCC 2012 exclusives (as well as additional pics to those posted in the articles) as they roll out!

And THIS LINK will show you all this year's exclusives so you can make your shopping list! We'll be updating it daily.

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