Sunday, July 22, 2012

SDCC 2012 : Ponies, Aliens and Marvels..Oh my...

As we roll around in thousands of images Team Idle shot at San Diego Comic Con 2012, we thought we'd update you on what is available for your bulging, hungry eyeballs RIGHT NOW!! Click the lead titles for a full gallery of pics for each subject.

My Little Pony: New ponies are always a welcome sight for fans across the pony lands, but at SDCC 2012, the Hasbro folks thought it was time to make some dreams come true. Hearing the cries from the masses for ponies that look more like their cartoon counterparts, Hasbro will be rolling out Mini Collectibles sets of fully sculpted, pastel colored pretties you won't be able to get enough of. On display were an Apple Family Set (with Granny Smith, Big McIntosh & Applejack), a Pony Wedding Set (with Twilight Sparkle, Princess Candace & Shining Armor), and a Cloudsdale Set (with Rainbow Dash, Gilda the Griffon and Wolder Bolts pony.) Each will retail for around $7.99 and hit August 2012.

Super 7 : Just because you make killer art toys doesn't mean you don't love pop culture as much as anyone else at San Diego Comic Con! If Super 7 hadn't proved that with their Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun and promises of a Boba Fett Super Shogun follow up...what will come next will blow your cranium clear off. Transformers Optimus Prime joins the ranks of the Super Shoguns in all his 24 inch retro styled glory alongside Transformers vinyl figures, art prints, drinking glasses and hand screened designer T-shirts. Then..there's the ALIENS!! Super 7 intends to make history by creating the proposed 1979 3 and 3 quarter inch Alien action figure line!!! The lineup tentatively includes Ripley, Dallas, Kane in the Nostromo space suit, Ash and an the Alien. Super 7 says "Utilizing the original prototypes, Super 7 will finally make these "Lost Toys" a reality! Reaction (Retro-Action) Figures are produced exactly the same as the original 70's and 80's action figures, featuring classic sculpting, T-shaped waist and 5 points of articulation."

Hasbro Marvel Legends & Universe : If you've felt Hasbro has been neglecting their Marvel lines in favor of Star Wars and G.I. Joe ultra quality, then quit your moanin' and start preparing half your bank account for an onslaught of new action figures! Hasbro unveiled new Marvel Legends figures of Doctor Doom (in classic and Future Foundation white deco), Deadpool (in classic and X-Force decos), a new Neo Classic Iron Man for your hall of armor, Marvel Knights Punisher, U.S. Agent with a Blade(the vampire hunter) variant, X-Mutants Dani Moonstar with a Mystique variant, Hyperion (from Squadron Supreme), Ultimates Captain America, The Sentry, Red She-Hulk (with a Savage She-Hulk variant), Iron Fist in his white modern deco, Archangel, Protector, Jim Lee styled Jean Grey, HIT MONKEY!?!...and a Wrecker who slipped passed us on Sunday. Damn u sneaksy Hasbros.

Marvel Universe additions include The Inhumans Greatest Team Pack with Medusa, Blackbolt & Karnak, Uncanny X-Men Greatest Team Pack with Rogue, Longshot, brown suited Wolverine and X-Babies Cyclops (?!?!), Nova, Angel, Bag head Spider-Man, Jubilee, Nighthawk, Professor X, Puck, Rhino, Mysterio, Scarlet Witch, Greatest Battles 2 packs with Captain America and Falcon, (new school) Black Costume Spider-Man vs. Future Foundation Doctor Doom, Silver Centurion Iron Man vs. The Mandarin and classic Spider-Man vs. Rhino, X-Men vs. Avengers 2 pack with brown costume Wolverine vs. She-Hulk and Captain America vs. Magneto (no helmet/ purple and white costume). Some of these are hitting stores as we the wait is OVER!

Be sure to dive into our Flickr folders for more costumes, collectibles and celeb encounters as we post daily!

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