Tuesday, July 3, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con Tip #2 : Clean Up Your Act!

There's no bones about it...some of us stink more than others. As an Italian, I can certainly relate as I sweat if I walk 10 feet. That is why God invented Right Guard Total Defense 5 Power Gel. That said, I would implore you to make the San Diego Comic-Con show floor as pleasant as possible by double and triple checking your stankiest of body parts before you leave your hotel room to tackle the nerdling hordes. Soap is your best friend. Shampoo is your savior. Deodorant is your +6 Flaming Vorpal Sword. When in doubt, give a sniff. Ask a friend if you smell fresh as a daisy. Stank-check buddies are the best buddies to have! If we all work together, we can rid the world 0f what we have come to call "The Stench" ie; that creeping, sentient mass of odor that takes over the show floor mid-day on Saturday that reminds one of a super low budget petting zoo off the highway you may have visited as a child. No human being should smell like that. Let's be squeaky clean out there folks!


  1. Thank you for this post. And I have my "stank-check buddy."

    1. Welcome! Buddy it up! I also like to have a "bogie check buddy" so I'm not taking to someone as they stare mesmerized up my nostrils.