Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Venom Symbiote Claims a New Host

The best thing about living in a future where geekery is invading every facet of our lives is that your favorite characters inspire amazing artists across the globe...and we get to see it as it happens. Such is the case with photographer Adam Jay (of SuperHero Photography) who was no doubt haunted by the imagery of the virus-like Venom symbiote and sought to re-create the moment of bonding with a human host with one of the sexiest Cosplayers on the planet, Freddie Nova (destroyer of men..which really should be her full name). The result is intense, stunning, beautiful in the sheer horror of it all and at the same time, insanely drool worthy! This is a stand up and clap kind of moment. Check out some images from the shoot...

And some behind the scenes images...

Best "like" Super Hero Photography on Facebook or check in on their blog regularly to see what becomes of this set...or more specifically, when you'll be able to wallpaper your entire home with the images.

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