Monday, July 2, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con Tip #1 : No Butts

This year, when you hit San Diego Comic-Con, we want you to have nothing but fun and avoid those little pitfalls you may not have forseen. Adrianne Curry can name at least one. When displaying her love for the animated character Aeon Flux, she went all out and made sure every aspect of the costume she would wear was precise. Maybe toooo precise. Some would say, if something isn't worth doing right, it shouldn't be done at all. Adrianne Curry did it PERFECTLY...and was asked to return to her hotel and cover her bare butt for it. We applaud her attention to detail....and applaud further this image she shared with the world so we may still drink in the awesome of this incredible costume. We hope somewhere there is a convention where Adrianne's bare ass can roam free of persecution. Sadly, SDCC isn't one of them. It's a family show, folks! Sideboob, underboob and side butt are fine..but know when to say when.

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