Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Minimates In Action

Now that every damn one of you has gone out and seen The Amazing Spider-Man ( I assume this, because any good geek would), we'd like to celebrate the fantastic plastics made for the film. This has to be a quickie since we are knee deep in San Diego Comic-Con prep, but that doesn't mean we shirked our responsibilities while shooting away.

Check out Diamond Select's Amazing Spider-Man Minimates! Boasting the widest array of characters from the film, Diamond Select's boxy little figures allow you to recreate every scene from the film on your desk at work while you wait for those TPS reports to print out. Minimates are jam packed with posability, allowing for the most eerie emoting from a figure of that scale. It always amazes me how much a little tilt of a head can do to a character's body language in a shot.

Diamond Select's Minimate 2 pack lineup includes...

Battle-Damaged Spider-Man and Lizard
Spider-Man and Peter Parker
Uncle Ben and Lizard Trooper
Aunt May and Lizard Trooper
Dr. Connors & Gwen Stacy (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Vigilante Spider-Man and Captain Stacy (Toys R Us Exclusive)

The whole Diamond Select Amazing Spider-Man Movie Minimates lineup is on sale NOW.

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