Monday, July 30, 2012

More Toys R Us NECA Action Figure Exclusives

Toys R Us must be very happy with how NECA's latest batch of exclusives are performing for them as we see more are on the way in larger packs! Often, store exclusives are the only way for die hard fans to get obscure characters or plastics capturing specific moments in a video game or movie, so we applaud whenever a retailer takes on such a burden. In this case, most exclusive packs comes with a buddy! Here's the lineup as it dropped in my lap this morning..sadly, with very few additional details...

Toys R Us Exclusive Predator Action Figure 2 Pack: with a City Hunter Predator & Jungle Hunter Predator (Battle Damaged). We got a look at the Jungle Hunter at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 but this particular City Hunter is new to me. Trophies included!

Toys R Us Exclusive Assassin's Creed Revelation Action Figure 2 Pack with Ezio Audi Torre : My digging to find what these outfits are exactly tunred up nothing but pages of Ezio standing there..arms outstretched..mocking me. Any help from the audience on this one would be hot. What are these particular costumes called?

Toys R Us Exclusive Gears of War 3 Action Figure 3 Pack : with two Theron Sentinels and a COG Soldier with a golden retro-Lancer - November - We got a glimpse of this at SDCC!

Toys R Us Exclusive Santa Gizmo : Suited up with his Santa hat, a little horn and a candy cane

Toys Us Exclusive Prometheus Action Figure 2 Pack : This is the SDCC announced Engineer vs Trilobite pack

Toys R Us Exclusive Rocky Action Figure 2 Pack : with Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed

More details as they drop! Until then, CLICK HERE for NECA's SDCC 2012 movie showings and HERE for NECA's video game items!


  1. i want lots of Predater action figure toys for Christmas 2012.

  2. the assassins creed figures look fake (colours only), not on the neca website for assassins creed, new additions, coming soon or the toys r us exclusives, the only exclusives for AC are the unhooded ezios for brotherhood, the standard costume for ACR arent even released yet, hope i helped.

    1. I checked today and i stand corrected, but most of all im ordering them ASAP