Thursday, July 26, 2012

Batman The Animated Series Theme by Pomplamoose

Originality. Let's face it...the world ain't full of it at the when someone does something new and terrific with a property we love, it stands out like the Bat Signal atop a Gotham city building. Such is the case with Pomplamoose's newest video which is sure to leave you wanting more...

"We had a vlog at the beginning of this video, explaining our hesitancy about releasing a Batman cover in the midst of such a tragedy centered around a theater that was screening a Batman movie. A lot of our fans wrote in comments that they felt the vlog was unnecessary, so we used YouTube's "trim" feature to remove it. The basic content of the vlog is written below:

"Nataly and I finished a new cover song early last week, and we had plans to release it, but the song is the theme from Batman. Given the tragedy that happened on Friday night, we thought it would inappropriate to release the stand-alone video as planned.
We considered not releasing the song, but we felt it would be unfair to our fans who were
expecting it. And because we put in so much work on the video, it feels wrong to simply abandon it.

As Pomplamoose, we've been told that our videos give people some joy, or just a moment of light in their days. It is in that spirit that we decided to release our cover of the Theme from Batman. Again, the following song was finished on Thursday of last week, and it was intended to be a fun, minute of joy for Batman fans around the world."

Cinematography by Riki Feldmann"

And if you are now absolutely wanting more, here's Pomplamoose's Goyte Call Me Maybe mash up with a vid reminiscent of movie THE BOX. Lots o punches to the chops in their version...

See?! The Batman theme was actually a sequel! What a tweest! Thank You and goodnight.

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