Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SDCC 2013: The First Cosplay of Comic-Con Appears

We had bets going as to what time and what character would be the first to pop up on the streets of San Diego, ready for an eager camera to snap them up, then make their way to my desk. My money was on that anime character with the underboob and giant gun. She turns up everywhere. I saw her at a wedding just last week. Odd outfit for a caterer but who doesn't enjoy a good underboob? The first cosplay to actually turn up, right smack in front of the convention center, was a daring choice...not easy to pull off, a bit controversial, and not so comfortable to wear I'd think. It took commitment, dedication to staying in character and plain old American guts. A+ for picking obscure character too! I think they nailed it.

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