Saturday, July 20, 2013

SDCC 2013: The Veronica Mars Teaser

If you had asked me what the most anticipated, possible (maybe) return-from-the-dead of a TV or movie series to ANY form of moving media is at the moment, without thinking, I would have said Firefly. Of course I'm wrong, because while I am a straight up Browncoat and Mal is my Captain, the throngs of people screaming for more Firefy probably make up a small segment of the public. NOW...some months back, Veronica Mars took to Kickstarter to make a new film fans have been clamoring for and...low and rained money. Who knew? You did? I did not. Anyways, team Mars took to the San Diego Comic Con stages to show their thanks for the overwhelming support and gave a sneak preview of things to come....and we've got that preview...right...meow. Hit the jump and hit the vid!

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