Monday, March 25, 2013

A New International Iron Man 3 Trailer

Possible Spoilers Ahead for those not keeping track of every bit of Iron Man 3 news so read on at your own peril! Iron Man 3 is so close to release now, you can taste it. It's frenzy time. With one month to go, you have to make the choice to either fully immerse yourself in every piece of poster art, every movie still, trailers and clips from around the world...or do what I do and at some point start yelling "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" and run screaming from any geek with a phone trying to show you the latest reveal for a film that doesn't have many reveals left for opening day. ONE MONTH. Will you dive head first into the spoilery seas of media over-saturation...or duck and cover til May 3rd?


Now, if you are still here, I suspect you'll want to see a new trailer! Traditionally, an international trailer follows the same beats as previous US releases but adds one small element that make fans jump around like giddy school girls (and boys). In this case, it is time for Pepper Potts to suit up.

About damn time, right? You couldn't possibly have an army of Iron Men without Pepper taking a shot at one at some point. I know Tony Stark would do everything in his power to keep Pepper away from the fight (in this story line), but she's crazy smart and, in some ways, stronger than Tony will ever be, so why not? SO! Here's the question...will we only see Pepper suit up to save Tony at the Malibu Mansion attack (yes, Tony has a Malibu dream house..sort of like Barbie) or will Pepper take her place beside War Machine and Iron Man in the film's final fight??  We are rooting for the latter. Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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