Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Big Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Week

Matt Booker (a genuine Brit) reports!

Well it's all a bit Doctor Who crazy at the moment as this weekend celebrates the 50th anniversary of the longest running scifi show in the world. Being from the UK, I was brought up on the adventures of The Doctor, his companions, the magical blue box, many adversaries and adventures. The BBC this week released a prelude to the big 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" that fans in the UK can watch on TV or on demand... But it's also online!, If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It will blow any Who fan's mind..

Then, on the BBC's annual telethon appeal Children in Need, they revealed a short clip

The appeal's mascot is "Pudsey Bear" and I spent last Sunday dressed as Pudsey and in my Dalek (yes, he owns a Dalek..shudder, ladies) with my local group  collecting for the appeal.

In one night the telethon raised over £31million pounds ($48million) for charity and has been supported for years with Doctor Who exclusives.

So now we are counting down the last days till the 50th anniversary...
On thursday night in the UK we will be able to watch the long awaited dramatisation of how Doctor Who was brought to the screen in Mark ( Dr Who, Sherlock) Gatis' "An Adventure in Time and Space". 

Then theres the big one... THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR episode.

You can watch it from the comfort of your own home from behind the sofa (in classic Doctor Who style) orrrr... all overr the world they are doing special one off screenings at cinemas in 3D.  I've got my tickets booked ... Have you???  Fans in the USA can find I more details here -

And in the UK here -

In the UK on BBC3 there will be a live after party from London which I'm sure will be televised all over the world too. Info Here -
There will be an official convention in London too -  but tickets are long since sold out and are rarer than a Cyberman with a Smile.
Then there will be the Xmas special, which will be the shows 800th episode and the Doctor will regenerate into the new incarnation...Peter Capaldi!

Here's to another 50 years hiding behind the sofa !!

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