Monday, April 28, 2014

Quake in Fear at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collector's Edition Blu-ray Set

The film is almost upon us, so what better time to start pre-orders for the Blu-ray collector's edition set?! Feast your eyes on one of the ugliest Blu-ray cases to date. I say "one of" because some companies don't really set the bar high when it comes to the sculpting and painting of these things. Well..most companies. This particular abomination includes a horrible actor likeness (Jamie Foxx must be weeping), features that probably came from an early, practical FX test for the character's movie look (which I will add, is not how he looks in the film) and subtle, sculptural details super-fans will what is left of Electro's toasted ears after his "fatal" accident and powered up re-birth. I can't imagine a set more unappealing than this. I suppose they couldn't get the rights for a "slowly dying Norman Osbourne" head sculpt.

My number one question...WHO DECIDED A SPIDER-MAN HEAD WAS A BAD IDEA??!! Did they think the comic-crazed public would scoff at a fantastically crafted Amazing Spider-Man 2 head case? ...One of the most iconic comic characters in the world, now starring in a film appearing in the  most well recognized outfit in history...and someone at home video says "Yea..that's great, but people would REALLY go nuts for a blue guy with head veins and MMA fighter ears."

Yea..the world confounds me. If you still NEED to own this Blu-ray set, if only as a conversation piece, or perhaps beacon of warning for your marketing office, CLICK HERE to pre-order.

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