Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Miraculous Wonders of Wicked Cool Toys Cat Paws

Some products take a few moments to figure out. Who is this for? Why did they paint it like this? Why is it in the women's heath isle? Wicked Cool Toys likes to keep things simple. A clean design, simple action and straight forward function. Take for instance...the Cat Paw. Based on the ancient technology that made the little shark head go RAraRAraRA when you squeezed the trigger at the end of the stick, the Cat Paw waves and emits one of two "paw-riffic" noises. The potential for hijinks is nearly endless. You could disrobe and slowly scratch yourself with it at a bus stop. You could pet you best guy friend's head when he cries he is missing human contact. ENDLESS!! We took the Cat Paw to a party hosted by Lily Stitches where she and Luna Chase tested the comedic value of this fantastic new product. Do I need to say "Wacky hijinks ensued"? Naa...you know what comes next.

Thanks to Wicked Cool Toys for sending over Cat Paws! Cat Paws are in stores NOW.

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