Monday, September 28, 2015

Entertainment Earth's Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack For Die Hard Comic Fans

Does it mirror the ultra famous Hollywood adventure squad? NOPE! Does this 5 pack of action figure fury resemble the brand new cartoon series launched on Disney XD this past weekend? Not exactly! This mega exclusive 5 figure pack of the Guardians of the Galaxy is based on the comic book versions of Marvel's newest movie stars, and so we say they are for YOU, the ultra comic book fan who longs for a complete, all encompassing Mighty Marvel Plastic Universe. Entertainment Earth to the rescue!

We've had some comic book likeness released of 3 of these characters previous to the release of EE's boxed set with a slimmer Drax, a somewhat more enraged Rocket Raccoon Build-A-Figure and Star-Lord packed into a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive boxed set. While I can't speak on the changes for Star-Lord as I don't own the first release, I'm told Rocket is a head swap (the Build-A-Figure has an articulated jaw) and a repaint, and Drax is a total revamp from top to bottom with a bulkier build and fancier trousers and boots.


Rocket gets a mini arsenal with two weapons just about the size of his whole torso, a third, smaller gun, a mini Groot in a pot and a Tesseract Cube..just because it's the ultimate paper weight. Star-Lord gets two unpainted guns of his own. Drax comes with swap out, ungloved hands better suited to hold his 4 knives. When you pop off his gauntlet hands you can also remove his arm bands. The Build-A-Figure Groot figure is now pre-assembled with a head more in line with his classic comic look. The must have of the set will no-doubt be the classic Gamora who comes packed with an alternate, uncloaked head, a removable soft-goods poncho, a sculpted, hard-plastic cape (to match the hooded head) and a sword.




While the figures seem a bit rushed with visible imperfections in the plastic, some light paint misses and gaps in joints, most notably in Gamora's thighs, these are things that are forgivable from a normal 2 foot-or-so distance and seen with the naked eye. To be blunt...when are we going to see a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book inspired set again??!! Never, I tells ya. Action figure fans will appreciate not having to assemble all the parts for Rocket Raccoon and Groot (spread across 9 figures, respectively, with Groot based on his "friendlier" movie counterpart) and since most old school figure fans collect comic book-based looks for their favorite Marvel characters, that makes this set so much more desirable. Just doing quick math, it would have cost us $180 alone to assemble the Build-A-Figures. At $120 for the complete set, this is NOT a difficult purchase you'll agonize over. Get yours NOW!!

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