Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jakks Pacific Scales Up With Batman V Superman

JAKKS Pacifics line of "Big-Figs" took consumers by surprise some years back. While most companies were shrinking down to 3.75 inch size and cutting back on articulation and paints to drop their price point and maximize their peg space in retail stores, JAKKS went....TOTALLY in the other direction, but with similar thoughts in mind. Their line of large scale figures may be light on paint applications, but you can't deny the level if detail they bring in at that scale..or the fun of a MASSIVE figure of your favorite pop culture icon..or the super low price! Now JAKKS tackles the long awaited Batman V Superman feaure film from Warner Bros and upon first glance, I'd say they are going to be putting out some of the best stuff on the market.

JAKKS initial "Big-Figs" lineup for Batman V Superman includes Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Batman in Armor. Word is they will start popping up February of 2016.

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