Friday, October 9, 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead... The POP UP BOOK

Days like's good to be the press. Mystery boxes are the best part of the job and when you have as short an attention span as I do, it's very easy to forget when someone asks for your address to send you "something"! Today, a plain little brown box showed up via my favorite Fed Ex delivery guy with a stamp on the front that read "TIME SENSITIVE MATERIALS" and the name STARZ below it. Forgetting that Starz is soon to be home to a man known as @GroovyBruce for his new show Ash vs Evil Dead, I popped it open...and was not ready. The "What's In The BOOOOX" scene in Seven? Forget it. The odd glow coming from the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? Pales in comparison. My Starz has gifted us with a freakin POP UP BOOK with the car that went to hell and back, a Deadite popping out of a shower and the man himself, Ashley Williams, complete with blazing chainsaw. Yes, I am in the middle of New York Comic Con coverage at the moment (filling up our Flickr as we speak), but I had to take some time to show off this little slice of fried gold. Jump in below and watch the video!

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