Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sadako vs Kayako - The Ring vs The Grudge Trailer

It's the battle you never knew you wanted to see!! The throaty mistress of staircase crawling versus the teen titan of TV swimming!! LET'S GET IT ON!! This trailer is, indeed, as ridiculous as you would think it is, and we only hope the actual film goes waaaay further to crank up the truly sell out nature of this concept. Honest to God, I want every room the characters go to to mysteriously have a VCR in it even though kids today probably wouldn't even know what to do with one. Hey, it's more believable than the initial premise of the VHS movies. Monsters who transfer their kills to a dead media format. SPOOOOOKY!! You'll note the Freddy vs Jason-esque vibe of the trailer, assuring the potential viewer this will be a quality fright fest. LET'S WATCH!!

This movie will be released...sometime in 2016..and everyone will forget it's coming out...and then it will turn up on Netflix. See u there!

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