Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New Joker Teaser Trailer is No Laughing Matter

Warner Bros Joker Movie Teaser Trailer 2019 02
Warner Brothers is quickly learning that comic book heroes and villains can go from comedy to tragedy at breakneck speeds and only after doing months of research can one lay out which character falls on each side of the coin. Batman is grim while Superman is sunny. ...And then there's The Joker. While this character can definitely be played for the occasional laugh, the Clown Prince of Crime is at his best when he's horrifically menacing, totally unpredictable, and assuring all laughs are at YOUR expense, though you may not be alive at that point to figure it out. When Joker's punchline comes with a bang, there's usually carnage involved. 

One shot from the teaser trailer changes our whole perspective on the traditional Joker story and makes the subject matter very timely.

Warner Bros Joker Movie Teaser Trailer 2019 02

The discussion of how society treats the mentally ill is something that should be ongoing and brought up constantly until the thinking has changed for the better. It seems the writers of Joker have thoughts on this topic and could lead to some excellent talking points from a completely unexpected source! Suffice to say, my anticipation of this film is now at a 95 out of 100.

Joker hits theaters October 4th.

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