Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Help Boggs Flee the Valley of Despair in RUN BOGGS RUN

Run Boggs Run video game

From the BuzzFeed Animation Studio comes BuzzFeed first-ever video game, “Run Boggs Run,” launching tomorrow, December 22 on iOS and Android app stores. 

“Run Boggs Run” is a wholesome spin on the classic endless runner genre that expands the universe of the hit BuzzFeed animated series “The Land of Boggs.” The game follows fan-favorite animated characters Boggo and her best friend Boe through the Valley of Despair, as they overcome life’s obstacles and collect self-care tokens to defeat the Stress Monster. “Run Boggs Run” is an ode to how challenging 2020 was and the importance of leaning on friends to get through tough times. The single-player game offers both a fun escape for new and existing Land of Boggs fans, while tying in real-world themes of friendship, mental wellness, and stress management.


Since launching in mid-2018, The Land of Boggs has grown to reach more than 3.7 million highly-engaged fans who rely on Boggs for content that is equal parts humorous, inspirational and relatable. This all comes to life in “Run Boggs Run” -- an extension of the Boggs universe that immerses players in a fun, feel-good game experience. 

Game description: Oh no, a Stress Monster has taken residence in Boggo’s head! With the help of her best friend Boe, help guide Boggo through the Valley of Despair while dodging life’s stressors, avoiding Anxiety Gremlins, tossing calming bath bombs at the ever-growing Stress Monster and collecting self-care Bogg tokens. 

Launch Date: Tuesday, December 22 for iOS and Android users

Price: $.99

All the toy images you can handle! https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulnomad/albums

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