Thursday, February 3, 2022

Toy Fair 2022: New Bendy and the Ink Machine & FGTeeV Construction Sets

Toy Fair 2022 Phat Mojo Bendy and the Ink Machine Heavenly Toys Buildable Set

It was 2018 when we last saw Basic Fun introducing the world at large to Bendy and the Ink Machine via their C3 construction sets. Unfortunately, the line didn't last that long and fans of the game were left with few creepy collectibles to haunt their shelves. Flash forward to UK Toy Fair 2022 and Phat Mojo, who set up their lightning rods and resurrected the dead!

No HUGE announcement of a full line of sets and figures as yet, BUT we did catch one construction set in full view. The "Heavenly Toys Buildable Set" comes with 3 buildable mini figures and 383 pieces. Check out the eye candy...

Toy Fair 2022 Phat Mojo Bendy and the Ink Machine Heavenly Toys Buildable Set

To our knowledge, the heroes and weirdoes of FGTeeV have not gotten the construction treatment yet, though there have been some mini collectibles in mystery packaging. Now, Phat Mojo kicks things off with a "Funnel Boy's Fun House Buildable Set" with three buildable mini figures and 474 pieces. 

Toy Fair 2022 Phat Mojo FGTeeV Funnel Boy's Fun House Buildable Set

Both construction sets are recommended for ages 6 and over.

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