Friday, April 8, 2022

Q To Introduce the Revived Playmates Trek-Verse!

Playmates Star Trek Toy Website with Q
Actor John de Lancie, already set to reprise his famed role as “Q” in the upcoming second season of “Star Trek: Picard,” is also joining forces with Playmates Toys as part of the toy company’s highly anticipated launch of new Star Trek action figures and accessories. 

Beginning with this week’s launch of the toy giant’s new global website dedicated to Star Trek toys – – de Lancie will appear in an ongoing series of social media vignettes and other streamable content throughout 2022. 

The new website will be a resource for Star Trek fans of all ages around the world, featuring content about the new lineup of figures and toys coming from Playmates beginning this summer. The site replicates the series’ LCARS operating system and provides users with detailed information about the characters, ships and gears, as well as 360 degree imagery of the Playmates products. “Q,” as portrayed by de Lancie, helps guide users through the website – or rebukes them when they are idle. The site will also include news from Playmates Toys, reveals of new Star Trek products, and “where to buy” information. 

Characters and their action figures profiled on the website at launch include Admiral James Kirk, Captain Spock and Khan Noonien Singh as featured in “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan; Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William Riker and Lt. Commander Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation;” and Science Officer Michael Burnham and Commander Saru from “Star Trek: Discovery.” Also featured are ships and gear, starting with the Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise and Original Series Phaser. 

Fans can watch for content featuring de Lancie’s “Q” character beginning this week on the new website, and discover and share “Q” content from all of Playmates’ social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, throughout 2022. 

All the toy images you can handle!

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