Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Neopets Announces New Master Toy Deal

Neopets 25th Anniversary

Neopets is making its inaugural appearance at Las Vegas 
Licensing Expo from May 21-23, 2024 with an epic lineup of licensed merchandise, including a new non-exclusive master toy deal with global toy industry leader PhatMojo. Show attendees are invited to visit the brand at Booth B188 to take a journey through Neopian history, from its early start as a fixture of online culture to its revival today.

Fuelling the excitement, Neopets is unveiling its officially-licensed toy line in collaboration with PhatMojo, the global toy powerhouse best known for bringing both well-loved and new brands to the forefront through collectible consumer products. Brokered by Mix Licensing Group and Carlin West Agency, the highly-anticipated partnership will bring to life nostalgic favorites from the online game in the form of plush, figures, collectibles, and more.

“Our licensing partners have helped us push the envelope as a brand, and breathe real life into our digital game and characters,” said CEO, Dominic Law. “There is so much lore and thought put into the Neopets world, and showcasing in this way at Licensing Expo for the first time is a natural next step for us as a brand to tell our story.”

“Neopets has been a hit with kids since it first launched over two decades ago, and we’re excited to play a part in its revival,” said Bill Graham, President of PhatMojo. “We’re looking forward to bringing this nostalgic brand back to toy shelves for the audience that loves it and for new fans to discover.”

Nearly 25 years since its 1999 launch, Neopets continues to blaze the trail on the nostalgia trend with Millenials and Gen Z, inspiring countless spin-offs and derivatives. After the new leadership team, led by Dominic Law, assumed ownership of the company last July, Neopets has experienced significant growth - what was once a community of 150 million individuals has now evolved hand in hand with their beloved pets. The Neopets Team (TNT) has taken a community-driven approach to give legitimacy to fan initiatives, while developing unique new opportunities for the brand, building the foundation for a multi-entertainment company.

The appetite for new Neopets merchandise surges on, leading to significant sell-through rates on the brand’s various merchandise collections. The strategic focus is on creating tangible avenues for engagement that resonate with the nostalgia of longtime players while catering to their evolving interests. Neopets’ appearance at Licensing Expo will set the stage to expand its licensing program and explore new opportunities.

Since the launch of its licensing program in 2020, Neopets has added a growing list of strategic licensing partners like Upper Deck, What’s Your Passion, Andrews McMeel, G-Fuel, Just Funky, Hot Topic and more to its roster, resulting in a wide array of officially licensed products including a trading card game, jewelry, pins, tarot card decks, cookbook, energy drinks, graphic tees, and more!

Attendees can look forward to the following at Booth B188:

  • First Look at non-exclusive Master Toy Deal with PhatMojo: New Neopets plush and toys are finally here!
  •  Neopets licensed product showcase: Explore the World of Neopets through a robust lineup of officially licensed merchandise!
  • Exclusive merchandise giveaways: Walk away with event-exclusive merchandise!
  • Meet Aisha, Neopets’ Official Mascot: Snag a photo with Aisha at the Character Parade or Neopets booth!

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