Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heroes Gets The Axe

Sorry to report that Heroes will not be returning for another season, but sources at NBC say they are completely open to a special to tie up any loose ends. The show had been going down hill for some time with confusing plot twists, nonsensical story lines and the sudden "shocking" death of a main character on any given day, only to have them return several episodes later. One might say, Heroes jumped 1 shark per episode and after a time, it was just hard to tune in. It was like watching a friend continually fall down a huge flight of hold out hope that he's going to make it on the next run but down he goes, every time, like clockwork. On the sunny side, we hope this opens the door for our pal Milo to grab a new project that allows him to shine a bit more brightly.


  1. via Twitter:

    #Heroes canceled as a series but may still get movie to wrap up storylines. Plan will be announced Monday."

  2. Yes...that's what i wrote except for the Monday part. Why are you repeating it? I didn't say maybe it's canceled.

  3. Sad. So sad. Now I have no TV to watch. Maybe Milo will lend me his Series three Heroes figures to photograph...

    On a side note, the verification word I had to type to post my reply was "mensies". That's awesome.