Monday, May 3, 2010's Create Your Own Super Hero

Marvel launches a Create Your Own Super Hero program on its website and of course, I am all over it in my quest to find my ultimate super-persona. Today, I decided to combine my love of technology, tattoos, medieval garb, heavy metal and protecting my balls to create a super hero me the world could really get behind, and if I may be so bold, cheer for if there were a giant float of me flown in parades. Here's a simulation of a woman crying as she sees me as a super hero.

Very dramatic stuff. Thank you.


  1. how come when i tried to make one it came out like a club outfit i would wear lol

    i love the cryin chick btw
    i know that happens to you. all the time.

  2. Think more "what would I wear to save the world" and less "what would enhance my cartoon cleavage".

    I can't help that they cry when they see me...all I can do is comfort them for as long as it takes.

  3. haha, i made catwoman, how ironic. jim balent's catwoman too.