Friday, May 28, 2010

PopBots For Sale

I pose this question. Do you really need to know that something is based on a comic book...or even what that comic is about, to drop a bunch of money on the most amazing, mind blowing robot action figures you'll ever see in your entire life?

Today, Ashley Wood's Popbot went on sale at Bambaland. They aren't cheap, but they also aren't small. For $150 a pop (pun intended), you get 15 inches of fully articulated, antiqued robot love packing a gun that can shoot through schools and his kittie buddy in a satchel. Three different styles are up for sale; Popbot, Badbot and...if you plunk down three bills, you'll get the Ascended model too! Still insist you need to know something about the comic? IDW has begrudgingly offered up this sketchy synopsis that reveals next to nothing..

Straight from the mind of Ashley Wood, Popbot features an eclectic cast of characters including a rock-star kitty cat, his robot bodyguard, Sherlock Holmes, Andy Warhol, and sexy groupies.

The moral? Giant robots fucking rule..and you will pay to own them. Resistance is futile.

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