Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marvel Announces Curse of the Mutants!!!

I'd like to begin todays rant by saying REALLY??!! Really??!! No seriously....REALLY??!! I thought X-Men vs Dracula was a gimmick from the 80's. This just looks silly. Dig the probaganda..

As the X-Men recover from the stunning conclusion of Second Coming and prepare to enter the Heroic Age, they’ll first have to survive The Curse of The Mutants! Beginning in July’s X-Men #1, from the fan favorite creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, the X-Men welcome new faces into the fold as a deadly new threat emerges to consume mutantkind…and then the world! With top secret specials and new series tie-ins to this red-hot storyline, The Curse of The Mutants leaves the X-Men forever scarred!

It’s mutants versus vampires—and the stakes have never been bigger for X-Men than in The Curse of The Mutants!

STAKES! VAMPIRES! HA! Just horrible. If Gambit sparkles I may kill someone.

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